Bond Gets No Lovin’ With the Ladies

"What happened to the art of seduction? - Fights. Chases. Gadgets. Seduction. These are the four key elements of any Bond film."

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athmaus2613d ago

intersting thoughts...

Elvfam5112613d ago (Edited 2613d ago )

50 NO's and a Yes means Yes

CombineElite2613d ago

speaking of Bond. I wish someone would buy MGM studios so we can get another James Bond movie.

Swiftfox2613d ago

So he is asking for bond games to have a "dating sim" mechanic? Regardless of the "Bond Experience" as it is refured to that would slow down the game incredibly unless every Bond based game was created like Mass Effect.

If you watch most of the Bond movies all he really does walk up to women and there you are. It would be the video game equivilent of going up to a girl pressing a button, the scene cuts to some sheets rustling some sweeping music then it drops you off where you were before you pressed the botton.

dalibor2613d ago

True but a bond game can be different. Like how about a bond girl saving his life or helping him and then betraying bond. There can be many different ways about this it's just bond games haven't yet done this yet.

ChickeyCantor2613d ago

If you think about it, the bond girls are nothing but extra's to bonds inventory of gadgets =P

shadow27972613d ago

Romantic cutscenes have been in a lot of the games. Heck, I remember 007: Racing on the PS1 having them.

Personally, I don't want interactivity. If you have interactivity, that means failure is an option. Bond does not fail with the ladies. And if you keep trying throughout the game, then Bond is needy.

Can't we just leave those types of mechanics to more creative games? The Bond movies are unoriginal, why should the games be any different?

DigitalRaptor2612d ago (Edited 2612d ago )

Smart and funny reply! +bubbles