StrengthGamer: Vanquish Review- Japanese Gears of War

I've never taken a shot of adrenaline, but I would imagine that it would feel something like playing Vanquish. Being able to move at an incredible speed, knee-sliding with turbo thrusters, and beating the sh** out of enemies like there's no tomorrow. That's what I envision a shot of adrenaline would feel like, and that's exactly what Vanquish offers. A 3-4 hour high-flying, action-packed adventure.

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kvg882858d ago

7 hours and 45 minutes on Hard mode. Pretty sure the game clock doesn't count level restarts / Checkpoint restarts or cut scene time. Review is BS lol

WutPleaze2857d ago

check this out:

You played on Hard also. Normal is the "normal" mode. This game is short. and the author said that it's not a bad thing.