GameSpot: Conduit 2 Updated Impressions

Released last year, the original Conduit stood out among Wii games for a number of reasons. Chief among them were the game's impressive graphics and ability to take a genre so firmly entrenched on other platforms and make the control scheme work brilliantly on the Wii. But as is so often the case with games designed to tread new ground, developer High Voltage Software didn't quite nail the basics.

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bananlol2856d ago

Why is it that most graphically impressive gamews have horrible att direction. I would take metroid prime over this any day. And yes i played the first one.

bananlol2856d ago

Didnt expect that of a wii game, looks different so ill keep an eye on it.

tunaks12856d ago

This is a screenshot form a Wii game?

that looks pretty good