Listen to Marvel Vs. Capcom 3's Soundtrack Early

DamnLag - "Hear a song in one of the Marvel vs. Capcom 3 trailers that you really liked? Well, it was probably a character theme. Want to hear it in its entirety without all the loud, action-y noises? Well you’re in luck! As it turns out, the Japanese website for the game has all the current character themes up for sampling in what seems to be their entirety."

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Corepred42526d ago (Edited 2526d ago )

anything is better than marvel vs capcom 2's soundtrack! worse part of that game. rapes your ears!

too bad most of these new ones sound like they can be made on an old nokia cell phone ringtone maker. and wheres guile already!

giantchicken2526d ago

I like how the link in the article takes you straight to X-23's theme.

Mastersnake102526d ago

WAY ahead of you, buddy. This stuff is going to be on my Zune within the hour.

mcmmaster2526d ago

don't bother, here's a link for all the character themes :D

PS360fanboy2526d ago


FishCake9T42526d ago (Edited 2526d ago )


KaiokenKid2526d ago (Edited 2526d ago )

I love Dantes and Wolverinces theme songs. The Beginning of wolverines sounds like the Power Rangers theme.