Black Ops: Adam Rosas Interview

We've got a great interview for Black Ops Zone. Here's an in-depth interview with Adam Rosas, Treyarch's Lead Cinematics Animator and Motion Capture Director. Find out how all the awesome cinematics in Black Ops came to life.

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JeffGUNZ2828d ago

It really seems like Treyarch listened to the community and really have provided something special. I am really pumped to play this game. The multiplayer looks as good or hopefully even better than COD4. The single player actually has me wanting to play it as well, which is rare with COD games. I really hope Treyarch delivers and brings this series back to greatness.

deadreckoning6662828d ago

I hope it turns out great. This is EASILY my most anticipated game this generation :)

JLeVRT2828d ago

CoD4 will always be the best though...

TheOldOne2828d ago

im still worried about the 3 killstreak RC car ruining the balance of the game. It just looks to overpowered for a 3 kills. With Hardline on it will require only 2 kills!!

I have no doubt that will fairer than MW2, but im still a tiny bit skeptical.

JeffGUNZ2828d ago

I think people will get tired of it quickly. Since killstreak kills dont count towards your next killstreak, it's not worth the time using it.

bigboss9112828d ago

why do people think its over powered?? If you hear it coming do a 360, find it and shoot it. end of story.

TheOldOne2826d ago

its has a c4 strapped to it. by the time you do a 360 your probably dead. and besides how easy do you think it is too shoot a fast moving car like that?