Episode #14: Repressing Memories of 1000 Pumpkins and Midgets With Plasma Cutters

In this riveting edition of our beloved show, we discuss Ben’s psychological issues dealing with repressed pumpkin memories against his very wishes, how to get 1000 friends only to have them taken away, why you should be the man to take a stand for the little man, plasma cutters, and Brandon wearing hats while jerking to a stop. Oh, and we talk about video games a little bit too.

* AT&T U-verse
* More 360 dashboard updates
* Gran Turismo 5 delayed
* DoTa 2 announced
* New Playdead Studio IP
* Redbox getting games
* Dead Space 2 Special Edition
* Minecraft
* Sonic 4
* Star Wars: Force Unleashed 2
* Dead Space 2 Multiplayer Beta

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