Heavy Rain's Follow Up Act

How do you follow up a game like Heavy Rain? Has the novelty of Quantic’s quirky style of gameplay set-up and presentation burnt out the hype wheels that fundamentally drove Heavy Rain's sales?
We Got This Covered has the answers to these burning questions and more.

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Super_092853d ago

I didn't really like heavy rain. Hopefully this new project will be better.

BiggCMan2853d ago

hell yea it was. i really, really hope it doesnt get overlooked for game of the year. i have a gut feeling that it will. im hoping it at least gets nominations all around, and a few wins.

DeathGazer2853d ago

Can't to see what QD is cooking up next.

Heavy Rain was AMAZING

gta_manic2853d ago

If they can really build on the success on Heavy Rain and have even more polish then HR it will be Epic

TheHip142853d ago

ye Heavy Rain was one of the most unique games ive played in a long time

Doctorofreality2853d ago

Man that game f*** me up so much. It would totally change my mood when played it. Utterly bizzare, i don't even know if it can be classified as a game..its more like an interactive drama.

ANd agreed, what the f* are they gonna do now?

I heard it was something to do with a young couple?

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