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Ben Maddox of Writes:

"For a number of years now, debate has raged on whether or not PC gaming is doomed. And much like the ‘debate’ over Barack Obama’s religious affiliation (he’s Christian), the mere fact that there is a debate at all is a loss for those, like myself, who believe that PC gaming is as robust as ever. The perception that PC gaming is struggling, regardless of the validity of that belief, will scare off gamers from investing in their machines, developers from creating new games, and the media from dedicating resources to covering the platform."

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theherp802830d ago

Love this game! so much better than the same type of games you find on XBLA for $10.

tacosRcool2830d ago

Ha! I gots it on Steam for Free!!

But its a great game for co op!!

plb2830d ago

same here. Steam for free FTW

stevenhiggster2830d ago (Edited 2830d ago )

I got it too, haven't played it all that much but it is definitely good. Does feel like it really should be a twin stick shooter though not M&K. I did try it with a pad but it's too hard to map the controls for! Valve should give us a default gamepad map.

chroniclex2830d ago

I haven't had much time to look into this game, but I might have to buy it now

tigresa2830d ago

The videos look epic... Guess it was better than I thought. Might try it on PC.

Snarkasaur2830d ago

I'm tired of games with Alien in the title. FFS!

Fishy Fingers2830d ago

At this price (free), they can call it, "Fishy is a t***" for all I care.

TheLiztress2830d ago

This game looks very interesting. If only my laptop could handle it then I would give it a shot.

K-Tuck2830d ago

It does kind of seem like it isn't meant for a crowd that doesn't keep their PC up to date. The game is more like a "Thanks for still using PC" when everyone else seems to be gaming on a console.

Letros2830d ago

Think its more like,

"Hey you're not a Steam member yet? Here's a free game for you, oh yea, feel free to purchase whatever you like on Steam after your done playing!"

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