Kirby Can't Stop Pokemon in Japan

IGN: Kirby's Epic Yarn is off to somewhat of a slow start in Japan. In its first week, the Wii title sold 92,000 units, well short of the previous Kirby game, Ultra Super Deluxe, which debuted with 266,000 units back in November 2008.

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darkcharizard2702d ago

Ohh nothing can stop Pokemon in Japan. Not even Dragon Quest.

ZeroX98762702d ago

Maybe It would have done better if the gameplay was more like kirby superstar, The gamecube version that was suppose to go out and never came seemed to be super awesome!! Epic Yarn isn't bad at all, it's a very good game, just not as good as kirby superstar on the SNES. Wished Nintendo would listen to their fans from time to time.

Solidus187-SCMilk2702d ago

Maybe they should have called it super delux epic yarn.

Pikajew2701d ago

nothing can stop pokemon