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Review: NBA Jam (Spawnkill.com)

Eric Galaivz of Spawnkill.com takes a look at the classic arcade title, NBA Jam, making it's return on the Nintendo Wii. Although the classic arcade action is there, NBA Jam on the Wii is lacking in game modes which hurts the lasting appeal of the title. (NBA Jam, Wii) 8/10

theherp80  +   1861d ago
No Joke this game is great! just wish they would have added a few good game modes to go along with the classic mode.
tigresa  +   1861d ago
This game makes me laugh so much every time I see it, the visuals are just... they're genius haha.
chroniclex  +   1861d ago
Razzle dazzle...this game is sweet looking forward to it on X360
Snarkasaur  +   1861d ago
Yeah I'm hoping the ps3 and 360 versions don't skimp on the extra content.
TheLiztress  +   1861d ago
Same here about the extra content. I'm not much of a sports game player but NBA Jam is definitely one I want to play.
ShadowPraxis  +   1861d ago
I just can't believe it took them this long to get around to remaking this. So many fond memories in the SNES/Genesis era.

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