Diablo 3 Fifth Class Revealed

It was the most popular theory when guessing what the final class would be and at the opening ceremony of this year's Blizzcon Blizzard finally revealed that the Demon Hunter would indeed be the fifth class.

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Elly2678d ago

What's everyone's reaction?

I'm chuffed to bits!

Letros2678d ago

I never expected it to be a DH, this is awesome!

Holyknight30002678d ago

I love this class. Makes me think of Sylvannas from WoW. Awesome character as is. Now i get an amazing/assassin type I have my new first love for a class to play now.


permaximum2678d ago (Edited 2678d ago )

The best class so far without a doubt. This comes from a person who is known as a Diablo 3 hater.

Risingred2678d ago

To be honest, I was expecting something more in terms of differentiation between prior ranged characters in the series, and I don't really see it.

She looks neat, though.

ppazuzu2678d ago

Who doesn't like hunting demons?

ThatCanadianGuy2678d ago

Nice i guess..

Still going with the Monk tho!

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