Sony Files For Naked Eye 3D LCD Patent

Can't wait to get rid of those glasses. Not exactly just gaming, but it's interesting to see that Sony seems to have the technology in its labs already: "Sony filed a patent for a technology that covers a stereoscopic liquid crystal display that allows viewers to see 3D images without having to wear special glasses."

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SmokexFFx2767d ago

Buying that 3D T.V early might come back and bite you.

darkcharizard2767d ago (Edited 2767d ago )

I think all of PS3's 3D will be with glasses. PS4 will most likely utilize this kind of technology... here's hoping it rocks!

duplissi2767d ago (Edited 2767d ago )

... you clearly dont understand how tech works...
the 3d tech isnt dependent on the source.. these tvs will take the same existing 3d and display it. so yeah you can have 3d from your ps3 on this tech.

Joostin2767d ago

ummm...The PS3 doesn't determine the display ability. The 3D displays using glasses or not will all be able to work with the PS3. The output is always the same. It is just that the pixels are convex on the newer TV's which work as the glasses for you basically. So instead of seeing the image on the TV, it would appear several feet out from the TV.

So PS4 will use this tech, but PS3 uses it too. It has been shown already on the Panasonic glasses-less displays. Google it.

darkcharizard2767d ago

k thanks, i didn't know that!

darthv722767d ago

we are going to have a 3d format war between sony and toshiba? Toshiba demonstrated their tech and sony is patenting theirs.

shouldnt there be one standard for watching 3d? Be it with glasses or not this is getting a bit out of hand. All these companies should be paying ME royalties to use my eyes.

fallingdove2767d ago


Nah, we won't have a 3d format war. It's just a TV that uses a different tech. Both Sony and Toshiba 3d tech will be able to exist without someone "winning".

duplissi2767d ago

there is a standard on the transmission of 3d... but not the display device.

HolyOrangeCows2767d ago

" k thanks, i didn't know that! "

You could always try reading articles before commenting. It's pretty obvious that you don't 99% of the time you comment.

bananlol2767d ago

3D without glasses will never work as well as with in a livingroom situation, i mean how are you and your friends/family going to fit in that narrow viewing angle?

And what does people have against glasses btw?

darthv722767d ago (Edited 2767d ago )

glasses or not, the best view is straight on. Yet in theaters and even in the homes you will always have the ones off to the side.

I dont have an issue with glasses but there are quite a few who wear corrective lenses or contacts that have problems with it. Not sure if removing the glasses fixes the problem but it cant make it worse.

bananlol2767d ago

I wear a corrective lens on my right eye, but that is no problem what so ever aas the 3d glasses does not break the light as corrective glases do. In other words, #d glasses are made for people with normal vision, and that incorporates people who wear lenses, as long as they wear them that is. You can even use normal glasses under the 3d ones, works like a charm.

Just to emphasise, im talking about shutter glass tv, the polarized tvs annoy my eyes.

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mushroomwig2767d ago

Isn't that the same for any technology? You're always screwed since technology moves along very quickly these days.

handheldwars2767d ago (Edited 2767d ago )

Hello lovely lady - and how are we today?

OT: If Sony uses the for PSP2 I swear to god I'll murder Jack Tretton and Ken Kutaragi for their endless rip-off schemes!

bananlol2767d ago (Edited 2767d ago )

Like how nintendo riped off sony with dvd. or atari with making video game consoles, or using joysticks, or buttons., or the sega handheld with a touchscreen? Or how they ripped off those who inveted the first computer with every console they ever made.

Corporations dont care if they are unoriginal, they care about making money, end of story.

And why cant sony use this for the psp2? They have put far more money then nintendo ever will behind 3d, so they have all right to use the glassesless 3d tech for the only thing it will ever be useful for, small screens intended for one person.

madjedi2767d ago (Edited 2767d ago )

@smoke Only if it comes out in the next couple months and at a significantly lower price point, i am guessing 1-2 yrs at the earliest before this hits the market, if even that soon.

Given that this will be on the higher end of the pricing scale when it releases, i don't think too many 3dtv owners will have regrets.

Care to back the disagree up with some reasoning?

kneon2767d ago

If you think 3D TVs are expensive now, just wait for these ones. I don't think most people realize that these kinds of technology require double the horizontal resolution in order to have a full HD image. Not such a big deal on the Nintendo 3DS but really expensive when it comes to TVs.

Mustang300C20122767d ago

Well the good thing is that it will drive the current prices of 3D displays down including the cost of the glasses.

Neko_Mega2767d ago

Plus last I head Sony brought out Toshiba.

Anyways it wouldn't start a 3D because I think Sony owns the rights to digital 3D (Don't if they do or not, you would think). An it is like saying "Sony Vs Samsung in Bluray", Sony owns the rights to it and makes money off of them.

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wkern2767d ago

agree. It just never looked that great.

AdventShadow012767d ago

this will be used for psp 2

despair2767d ago

hmm hadn't consider that, I hope not, 3d on handhelds is nothing but a gimmick, you will use it for 10 mins then turn it off to properly play the game not worrying if you're watching the right angle or to not tilt your head or the handheld. Its added money that is useless after a little while.

360Defender2767d ago

And that comment officially makes you a friggin moron.

Ares84PS32767d ago (Edited 2767d ago )

But basically it's the glass inside the 3D glasses will cover the whole screen in the TV.

Now...1 3D glass right now is $150. How much will that TV cost? Pretty expansive if they where to roll it out today. And than all you would see from the people who hate on 3D now because of the glasses and price is even more hate...but at least they would have just one reason that time.

I think we can expect glassless 3DTV's within 5-6years.

Technology is way ahead of the consumer market. It's just when it makes sence to release something.

Fishy Fingers2767d ago

It's not so much the lenses in the glasses that push up the price, it's the receiver, battery and whatever else as well as them being new tech and selling in relatively small numbers.

Call_me_Ishmael2767d ago

yessss no more stupid glasses

D4RkNIKON2767d ago

That was lame.. I share the excitement tho

Lord_Doggington2767d ago

haha at sony fboys getting excited now that SONY has patented a glassesless screen, when samsung and toshiba have been toting this for nearly a year

Call_me_Ishmael2767d ago

tote all you want i dont see a glassesless tv by samsung
or toshiba so is it wrong for me to support a company that
wants to make a glassesless 3dtv who happens to make gaming
consoles that support 3d?

madjedi2767d ago

@lord dog

Actually it's probably more tech heads/movie enthusiasts commenting than sony fanboys you idiot 360 fanboy.

Don't know anything about samsung's glassless tvs, but really toshiba's glassless tv the 20 inch tv with limited viewing angles for 2000 dollars, did the 50-58 inch even have a price i was thinking they said 4 or 5 thousand.

Not everything revolves around the console war dumbass, look up the word practical in the dictionary or look at the available information on the tvs themselves.

Lord_Doggington2767d ago

uh, where did you see it was 4 or 5 thousand?

and why on earth would you think Sony's LCD won't be as expensive? show me in the article where it says it won't cost as much. show me.

uh uh uh i saw another article and it said that this new Sony LCD was gonna cost..uh like, ten thousand dollars, so the samsung/toshiba are probably better..

lol at the tech head/movie comment...okay and they're all here commenting on N4G articles.

get out.

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