SPOnG: Final Fantasy XIV Review

If video games were babies Final Fantasy XIV would be in the NICU with tubes up its nose. Bugs en masse and a lack of user friendliness help to mask core gameplay that is middling at best - but don't be fooled into thinking these are problems that can be easily ironed out with a patch or two. FFXIV is underdeveloped, unfinished, and barely playable. No matter how big a fan you are of the franchise, do yourself a favour and watch the CG intro on YouTube rather than waste money on this wretched excuse for a release.

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eggbert2830d ago

SE has a HUGE budget, and they could make something THIS bad?

SmokexFFx2830d ago

Yep, this year and next year. Unless SE get their act together.

iamtehpwn2830d ago

This is the lowest rated Final Fantasy game ever, including spins offs. Further more, it may even the lowest rated Square Enix game ever.

Vicodin2830d ago

Let's be honest though. Ignoring how good or bad FFXIV really is, this is just another minor gaming website jumping on the FFXIV review frenzy to get some hits.

VandimionX2830d ago

Yeah, but at least they talk about the actual gameplay and not about how much they don't like playing mmorpgs or w/e. This review is miles ahead of that shit kotaku one.

Leonesaurus2830d ago

The only reviewer that actually seems like they know what they're talking about and have non-biased experience towards the game is the IGN reviewer. Low score or not, he actually said a lot of the very nice things about the game, and all the negative aspects, but he also was optimistic enough to say that within time it can grow into something great and more approachable, unlike all these other sites that just wanna take a swing for more spotlight and attention.

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Optical_Matrix2830d ago

LOL this game flopping harder than Quantum Theory. I'm gonna go and check the metacritic

KonigXero2830d ago

FF14 was EPIC FAIL, but I'm sure they're TRYING. We can't forget the great Final Fantasy games they've *cough SquareSOFT cough* brought us in the past. Let's just hope they regain that glory somehow with FF15.

Bash on Square-Enix all you want, but let's show them some respect too.

TheColbertinator2830d ago

Not even Quantum Theory had this much hype.If Square is lucky,they will survive 2010.If not I expect massive layoffs all over Square

jneul2830d ago

i'm pretty sure it can;t get any worse for ffxiv than this...

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