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Kotaku: Fallout: New Vegas Review

Like Obsidian's other big-name sequel - KOTOR 2 - Fallout: New Vegas is a divisive game. So much remains of what made Fallout 3 special, from the ridiculous cast to the joy of exploration, that there will be many willing to overlook all the bugs and glitches in favour of the weight of content that lies beneath. Those who were hoping for more than a mission pack to a 2008 game built on a busted 2006 engine, however, may find new Vegas to be quite literally a wasteland. (Fallout: New Vegas, PC, PS3, Xbox 360) -

vicious6983  +   1406d ago
Kotaku lulz.
Akagi  +   1406d ago
Yeah, I hate Gawker.
Ares84PS3   1406d ago | Bad language | show | Replies(1)
enkeixpress  +   1406d ago
Finished Fallout 3 & want more??

Fallout: New Vegas is for you.
DTG_The_Man  +   1406d ago
Look, this is what Kotaku should've said:
----------------------------- -----------

End statement.
unrealgamer58  +   1406d ago
bluebogle  +   1406d ago
I like Kotaku but...
...this was a stupid review.
PooEgg  +   1406d ago
I played the game for a good 20 hours over the past couple of days, and for them to say the 'game breaks every 10 minutes' is total bullshit. Yes the game has bugs, and yes last night after playing the game for 10 hours straight the game froze on me. So no the game is not perfect, and yes it needs a patch, but this review is exaggerating the flaws too much. Bottom line is if you liked Fallout 3 you will like Fallout New Vegas, it is just as fun and just as addicting, and isn't that all that really matters in the end.
Triggs  +   1406d ago
In my 15+ hours experience I can see New Vegas is more stable than Fallout 3 - In FO3 the random crashes were very frequent (even by a mere quick flick of the mouse to look around, the game crashed), but not so in FNV. In total I had 3 crashes for the PC version, but I loaded up the game less than 30 seconds afterwards, not big deal.

I'm always looking beyond the glitches because I know there's lots the game can offer. 15 hours in, I still don't feel prepared to take on the pack of Deathclaws that seem to guard the chokepoint to my destination. And I'm happily going to spend more time levelling up to finally say "bring it on!"

Ahhh, Fallout New Vegas weekend coming!
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NYC_Gamer  +   1406d ago
maybe they should have just scored the game high even though it has bugs/glitches....thats what most other sites are doing regardless.....i'm happy they didnt because no game should get special treatment just because its mainstream
capjacksparrow   1406d ago | Off topic | show
soundslike  +   1406d ago
protip: turn up your display's saturation a good amount and the wasteland looks like how it did before they drained a bit of color out to make it look bleak. I could turn my color/saturation level up around 25 percent before things started to look weird.
SquareEnixFan  +   1406d ago
Breaks every ten minutes?
Not in my experience. I've only had a couple of freezes in almost 30 hours.

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