BlackGate: Kindly private investigators track down Call of Duty Black Ops pirates

VentureBeat's Dean Takahashi gets a scoop on private investigators tracking down pirates of Black Ops.

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xino2827d ago

how these guys can pay so much for such a game

realplayer822827d ago

They can try all they want but they cant stop it. Last year I saw MW2 for sale 2 weeks before release on craigslist and I am sure the same will happen this year. I would never buy from craigslist too many shady people. I will will for it to release and just buy it then if I want it legally. There isnt a game in the world worth going to jail over. imo

MGRogue20172827d ago

... How many more articles are we going to get about this subject?? :D

TABSF2827d ago

Would not give Activision the pleasure of me gaming on this turd

Would not get it free
Would not play it if someone gifted it to me
Would not ever pay for lousy year on year rehashes

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