Microsoft confirms Massive closure

Four years after Microsoft purchased in-game ad firm Massive in a reported $200 million to $400 million deal, the Xbox 360 maker is shutting down the business. In a post on the Microsoft Advertising blog, community manager Rik van der Kooi confirmed the closure, which was first reported by Adweekearlier this month.

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Sarcasm2888d ago

It makes sense, they focus more on XBL which is a huge source of revenue for them.

No wonder they raised the price by $10.

At least they're headed in the right direction as far as supporting their gaming division for the long term.

The-Tentacle2888d ago (Edited 2888d ago )

They spent all their money promoting Kinect ¬_¬

None left for real games.

MariaHelFutura2888d ago (Edited 2888d ago )

They spent alot of $$$ trying to destroy this generation for Playstation owners AND promoting Kinect.

MS doesn`t believe in 1st party. Look at don`t need 1st party.....right?!?!

Nathaniel_Drake2888d ago (Edited 2888d ago )

I agree

MS has said from the beginning they don't want Sony to take over the living room. Their strategy up until now fits that to a tee.

ABizzel12888d ago

There's nothing funny about this, nor show this be used to fuel the console war.

Regardless of if you hate MS this is an unfortunate event. This closure means hundreds of people will probably lose their jobs, unless they're moved to another department.

gamingdroid2888d ago

Spending money on making sure the adoption of Kinect is high, is ensuring the future of Kinect will be positive. No matter how cool the technology is, without a large enough install base nobody will care to make software for it.

Investing in Kinect is a GOOD idea. Investing in Massive was a BAD idea!!!

Sony3602887d ago (Edited 2887d ago )

Your sarcasm is wasted as Nintendo are still in first place. What do you mean "trying to destroy this generation for playstation owners"?

Microsoft are being stupid as usual, yes, but you can't blame them for using marketing tactics to be competitive. As for ruining things for Ps3 owners, they've really not done that outside of outselling the console.

The whole "games being held back because they're multi plat" argument is a stupid mentality shared only by people who have no idea about game development. Are you one of those people who blames a Ps3 game's short comings on it being also available on the 360?

If you are, I pity you and every other fanboy who still tries to use that as a scapegoat.

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CombineElite2888d ago

WOW i can't believe how much money M$ waisted on that in game advertising crap.

$200 to $400 million dollars wasted.
But still no first party studio cranking out exclusives for your hardcore gamers right M$.

SSKILLZ2888d ago

True ,Sony will dominate the living room, they focus more on the long run instead of just for the moment, buying devs and monopolizing is what it's all about and next year as a ps3 gamer I can count on great titles to buy besides multy plat . On the other hand timed Dlc and huge advertisements are just not making the xbox360 exclusive library any biger or exiting.

Sony3602887d ago

Why are you defending them charging us for XBL?

Ripyealip2888d ago

oh shoot i thought they were backing out of the gaming industry ill save people time in reading this. the article is about moving ads no longer on xbox 360

MajestieBeast2888d ago (Edited 2888d ago )

How many closures has that been in 3 years now? while sony continues to expand the playstation family. Now they are using 500 mil for adverts that could have been used for making games so the gamers actually have a good exclusive to play from the launch of fable 3 till the launch of gears 3.

Moonboots2888d ago (Edited 2888d ago )

I'm not going to argue that MS needs to work on their first party core support but MS doesn't usually announce games a year in advance.

Yes, as a PS3 owner it is nice to see the upcoming road as far as releases but it comes down to the fact I still won't be playing them until release. So whether you have a list or have nothing announced yet, both are still waiting.

So I wouldn't be so harsh because MS could announce a new game at any time. For all we know Codename Kingdoms will be out between then.. Either way, there is plenty to play.

And I don't understand how closing an in-game ad agency is going to effect the output of their game development.

zimain2888d ago

Yep well said have a bubble

gamingdroid2888d ago (Edited 2888d ago )

Not to be an @ss, but if you were waiting for GT5.... You are still waiting!!!

Point is a list is useless, if it is so far into the future I don't give a [email protected]! Just about any PS3 exclusive, I keep hearing about it year after year. By the time it is released, I'm not that interested anymore because I'm sick of hearing about it.

T3MPL3TON 2887d ago

@Moonboots: It wont effect their out put but these are Sonykids your talking to. They have no idea what their talking about. They like to think everything is a victory for the PS3 no matter what it is. This will actually HELP, Microsoft not hurt them. They don't get that thou.

N4Great2886d ago

@gamingdroid troll/not gamer : don't try to use gt5 delay (like gears of wars...or alan [email protected], right ?) as a regular thing, and like it's the only game to come for ps3, when the best exclusives (and way more) since 3 years and for 2011 too, are for ps3, no matter what you are saying about your interest (reviews scores are here to testify the facts).

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meluvulongtime2888d ago

Seems like being owned by MS's gaming division means a good chance of losing your job down the road (Ensemble, ACES, Massive, FASA studios, Carbonated Games, Indie Built, Hired Gun, Digital Anvil)

beast242tru2888d ago

nuttin new its a regular thing they like loosing money then rape poor dumb asses and get rich all over again

TheBalloMan2888d ago

title is misleading lol, I actually thought Microsoft had a massive, as in large, closure - which would be pretty devestating to the gaming community...... *yawn.

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