Five Ways to Save Money on Gaming Legally

Amidst the hype surrounding hacking and jail-breaking the PS3, the ever present argument concerning the cost of gaming has reared its ugly head yet again. While certain gamers tend to think playing video games is some type of right, many others seek to protect the creators of our treasured libraries. Is gaming too expensive? Not if you use a little common sense. Here’s five ways to save money and get your games legally.

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SmokexFFx2830d ago

You can also wait for the enevitable GotY edition which will be jammed with all the DLC's.

hikayu2830d ago

these only apply to those in the US :
i cant find a darn library in europe that actually carry games ,
nor is any game rental service in latin america ( that i know of . you're welcome to correct ) .
in many countries , consoles are still extremely expensive . there's no guarantee that your friend also have a console , i know mine didn't ( 25 people ... not even 1 ) .
Wait for price drop : doesn't always work out .only flop game drop price fast , good AAA takes forever to drp their price . uncharted kept its price at 60$ for a years and a few months before dropping to 50 , i think.
ans search for bargain : ha ! good luck with waiting forever .

Ocelot5252829d ago (Edited 2829d ago )

I live in europe(belgium) and my municipal library has games, but most of them are old

and €180 bucks for a arcade 360 isn't expensive, you earn that in week at least when you do a summer job, work another week and you'll have a PS3

TABSF2830d ago (Edited 2830d ago )

Biggest way to say money is to go PC

When considering everything is new
PC and Monitor - $1200 then $30 - $50 per game, PS3 and HDTV - $1200 then $60 per game and 360 and HDTV - $1200 then $60 per game

I have spent around £1000 ($1600) on my PC

CPU: AMD Phenom II X6 1055T/ GPU: Nvidia GeForce GTX 460/ PPU: Nvidia GeForce GT 240/ RAM: 8192MB PC2-8500 1066MHz DDR2/ Storage: 1814GB/ LG Flatron W2361V 23" Full HD

I have spent around £600 ($1000) on my games

I've got over 190 games on Steam plus more that are on GamersGate and disc based

Even if you go cheap and pre owned on the consoles the PC is brand new

Pre owned PS3 £220, pre owned 32" HDTV £250 then £10 - £35 per Pre owned game. 200 games at £10 = £2000 or 200 games at £35 = £7000

Cheapest option £2470 for PS3, HDTV and games, just cheaper than PC
Average price £5470 for the PS3, HDTV and games, twice as expensive than high end PC
Full price £8550 for your PS3, HDTV and games, could do 2 high end PC with 400 games

AndrewRyan2830d ago

Console gaming is even more expensive if you decide to go get a 3D TV.

Substance1012830d ago

Cheapest way to game right now assuming someone already has a 3-4 year old pc would be to get a gpu which would cost 150 usd-200usd (cheaper then any console) and will provide gaming experience far superior.

Next step would be to get games on discount on steam. I purchased bioshock2 for 14usd few weeks after launch on steam. Metro 2033 for 24usd. The games run in 1080p and high res textures unlike the console versions which cost more and may even be sub hd.

TheFanBoy2830d ago

Sell your ps3, the exclusives alone will destreoy your bank accout alone :P (thats without all the multiplats to think about)

Substance1012830d ago

Multiplats are very costly on any console the most economic way would be to buy them on steam discounts.

TABSF2830d ago (Edited 2830d ago )

Stupid points really as most of them you have to wait for weeks, months or even a year and the other points are illegal anyway

2) Buy Greatest Hits or Platinum Hit Titles

What and wait an entire year for that to happen, most games don't make it to Hit status

3) Search for bargains

Again you have to wait a couple of weeks or months, console games are never cheap and always have a high mark ups even on pre owned copies, over here once a game goes pre owned days after release its only £5 cheaper.

4) Wait for price drops

Again you have to wait ages just for the prices to come down on console releases, just no point, the time you have waited you may as well of paid full price, maybe that is what they want people to feel

Also this article is promoting illegal activities

1) Renting / Library

Even though Blockbuster and other shops do it if you read most game disc such as Heavy Rain and CrackDown 2 it says on them Disc Resale and Rental is Prohibited
of course these companies get the rights to do it but individual don't

5) Game share with friends

Game sharing on any level is illegal, anything from borrowing discs, uploading game files, using someone log in detail to obtain games is considered illegal is most terms of agreement.
Most people don't realise that by purchasing a game at GAME or Gamespot is you agreeing to the terms. On PC you can't just borrow your friends Steam or Ubisoft account.

divideby02830d ago

Just get a monthly game rental pass at BlockBuster for all Single Player only games...for a little over 20 bucks per month you can easily complete any 2 or 3 SP games.. just think how many of these games you bought at 60 + bucks and are dust collectors or trade ins which you get hosed for.

I now buy all games at BB (xcept when TRUS gives away big gift cards).. at BB you get reward points, but the best thing is that will match the price if lower over the next 30 days... so you will always pay the lowest price

this week for the first time Fable aint getting any deals.. so I will just wait fo that

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