Tap-Repeatedly: FIFA 11 vs PES 11

This however is 2011, at least in video game release terms, and things have changed. Take a look at Metacritic and you’ll see a clear winner; an almost unified agreement of who is this years king. But I don’t agree that things are quite that straight forward. Rather than review both games separately or try and justify a score with a quick “X is just better than X” quote at the bottom of a clichéd summary, I’m going to try and look at the two games in direct competition. It’s a bit of a departure from how games are normally reviewed on Tap, but I’ll give it a go anyway

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Nate-Dog2857d ago

Really nice review(s). I've had FIFA 11 since it's release but have been pondering getting rid of it for many of the reasons you stated here and have been pondering getting PES in place of it. It's just the same as the last game, and fine, FIFA 10 worked well, but for something as simple as a football sim you can't just put out the same game twice.
Not to mention the all-too similar goals you keep scoring in FIFA, while PES has always had that unpredictability which is something you gotta love. I think I'm convinced on PES now.