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Lens of Truth writes "Welcome back to this post apocalyptic Head2Head, This week we take a look at Fallout: New Vegas for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. Thanks again to the folks over at Play N Trade, Oviedo, FL for supplying us our test copies. The environments in Fallout: New Vegas are huge and dynamic, so finding differences wasn't going to be a walk in the park. But rest assured, the differences we expose to you may be worth your while. So come join us as we explore this desolate wasteland as we uncover the differences we found."

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SmokexFFx2768d ago

Jaggies jaggies jaggies.

boing2768d ago

amazing what 4xAA does nowadays

ministryx2768d ago

GOWIII has 8XAA i believe, but the ps3 is only good for that game, but not Fallout.

ShinMaster2768d ago

AA or not, Fallout is still an ugly game, lol.

Aren't they patching this game soon?... I heard

Redrum0592768d ago

and to think i used to be hyped up for this game.

Theonik2768d ago (Edited 2768d ago )

Actually GOWIII has no regular form of AA. They use MLAA.
It's a blurring technique that is applied as an after effect. Visually it is comperable to 8XAA though and the technique is less demanding than even the crappy quincux method used on Mafia 2.
It is by far the clearest console release in this generation because of that fact.

raztad2768d ago


While you are essentially correct, there is some stuff I have to disagree with.

"and the technique is less demanding than even the crappy quincux method used on Mafia 2."

MLAA requires a beast of CPU to run on well, fortunately Cell has 6 SPUs capable of running MLAA even faster than the typical 2xMSAA that RSX provides.

I wouldnt expect Bethesda to incorporate MLAA in such a crappy and bug filled engine.

HolyOrangeCows2768d ago (Edited 2768d ago )

Correction: PARTIAL AA. The Anti-aliasing definitely DOESN'T affect all surfaces on New Vegas.

I call it a tie with those awful textures and some tearing.

Theonik2767d ago

Yes i was referring to performance on the cell. GOWIII's usage of MLAA is trully amazing. The Santa Monica guy that made the SPE algorithm for it deserves a promotion. GT5 should have used it too imo. (Other upcoming PS3 exclusives are, not that i can hugely complain about a console game with 2XAA on 1080p and 4X on 720p)
Intel made a demonstration with it on their CPUs now and ATI is putting driver support on their 6xxx GPUs for it which allows it to be applied to any game you want even if it has no AA.

IHateYouFanboys2767d ago

i need to correct a few people: GOW3 does NOT have MLAA. no PS3 game has MLAA.

what Sony are doing with the SPUs is NOT MLAA. it is a custom AA solution that produces similar results to MLAA, but it is not MLAA.

it is fantastic, and it works brilliantly - but its not MLAA.

also, no, it is NOT less demanding than Quincunx. Quincunx just blurs the entire screen, taking no CPU or GPU power. the Custom AA in GOW3 that is available to all first party developers now uses CPU power, and a fair bit at that.

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zeddy2768d ago

personally cant believe the conclusion is so close, are they looking at the same pictures i am because? the ps3 version looks horrific. there are instances where the ps3 has better textures and some where the 360 has better but the big thing is those jaggies, i dont know how anyone can play while looking at that.

BubbleSystemSuck2768d ago

i hope better AA in the next PS3 patch

Theonik2767d ago (Edited 2767d ago )

No it is MLAA and the method used on the SPEs is about as fast as using quincux on the cell hardware. The cell is very good in doing such operations.
Here read:
The Saboteur also used a custom MLAA solution so GOWIII was not the first.

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MGRogue20172768d ago (Edited 2768d ago )

Xbox 360 is the better version, overall in terms of graphics quality & performance.

In terms of gameplay though, Completely the same.

No trolling, Just tellin' the truth.

asyouburn2768d ago

sounds like the better version to me /s

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visualb2767d ago

according to the shots, 360 has less jaggies, but also worst textures and shorter draw distance (not to mention WAY darker = bad) depends what you prefer

prefer no jaggies at a loss of draw distance and texture quality? 360

prefer draw distance and better textures at cost of jaggies? PS3

none win, except maybe performance which apparently 360 was faster, yet with more screen tears and crashes =|

its really subjective tbh...

Solidus187-SCMilk2767d ago

sorry. Get the ps3 version if you want slightly better textures up close, a mandatory 5 gig install and everything else worse.

there is 1% torn frames on 360, but it also had better draw distance, 4Xaa vs none on ps3, better Frames per second, and much faster loading with no install.

donkeydoo2768d ago

Man I can't believe the PlayStation 3 didn't wins this. Come on the Textures looked way better on the PlayStation 3.

donkeydoo2768d ago

Looked at the image of the window, if you can't see the texture differences your the one who needs glasses.

visualb2767d ago

I have those, very good ones too, and he's right about the textures

but wrong about winning

like I said in my post above, neither "win", they both have draw backs and advantages...just depends what you prefer o.O

Tempjf2768d ago

Xbox 360 destroys the PlayStation 3 version. Look at the images man.

RudeSole Devil2768d ago

I think it fair to say a tie.

boing2768d ago

but draw distance loading and AA were better on 360

Fishy Fingers2768d ago

My turds better looking than your turd.

Soul Train2768d ago

I agree with the tie & it looks kind of $hitty on both. The DLC is deciding factor for me.

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