Could Xbox LIVE be free one day?

According to a Tweet yesterday from Xbox's European Community Manager Graeme Boyd, the Xbox LIVE Silver service is going to be renamed to "Xbox LIVE Free." This leads one to wonder, why the sudden name change? After all, large corporations like Microsoft do everything for a reason.

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deadreckoning6662858d ago (Edited 2858d ago )

Dear God, if only that actually happened. Thad be almost as good sex...almost ;)

This is still the only reason I still haven't gotten a 360 yet. Even if it was a $20 annual fee, I still wouldn't pay it. Its about the principal for me. I just don't believe I should have to pay extra money to enjoy an online component of a game.

@SmokexFFX- Rapage 2x? NICE!

"Perhaps they have something planned where the old Silver accounts will actually be able to play multiplayer over Xbox LIVE for free, thus the rename. If this is true, Gold membership will resemble PlayStation Plus where members would be paying for access to extra content." does make a lot of sense. Why would M$ even bother to change the name of Xbox Live Silver if they weren't planning something? HA! I've got it! There gunna offer consumers Xbox Live Silver for free with FREE online play. Also, they will offer XBL Gold for $60 with all the extra stuff like Netflix etc.

This would explain why Microsoft raised XBL Gold to $60. M$ knows that MANY will downgrade to Silver if free online play is announced, so Microsoft raises the price of XBL Gold from $50 to $60 to make up for the loss. Genius.

SmokexFFx2858d ago (Edited 2858d ago )

Better then sex, I could use that $60 to buy sex...TWICE!

darkcharizard2858d ago

But would it be better than making a porn video of your most desired and darkest fetish?


SmokexFFx2858d ago (Edited 2858d ago )

My most darkest fetish eh??? hmmm. Banging a chick while rapeing Nawbs online! It would be like double rape...literaly!

handheldwars2858d ago

I don't think I'd want to watch that video :O

Joule2858d ago

I don't think it will ever be free.

Xander7562858d ago

To be honest, I don't think it will ever be free either. The name change just leads one to wonder why they would do that, though. There HAS to be a reason for changing something that is already very familiar to gamers.

redDevil872858d ago

u mad, this is MS. They'd charge for air if they could.

Troll_Police2858d ago


And their followers will say "our air is better because what you pay for, free air is crappy".

Godmars2902858d ago

Only until its clear that PSN is the reason that people are buying PS3s over 360s.

Since that's never going to happen, then no.

Wizziokid2858d ago

LMAO... sorry but what?

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The story is too old to be commented.