New Xbox LIVE dashboard Coming 26th October

For all of you Xbox 360 owners and fans, we have some good news regarding the next Xbox 360 LIVE update. Apparently, the 26th October 2010 has been set as the date for the new dashboard upgrade. This new Xbox LIVE experience will be available to all of the gamers in the world before November 4th, the date for Kinect’s launch.

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Chuk52737d ago

Just in time for fable 3.

Myst2737d ago

It better not hit the moment I get home from the midnight. I just want to install and play :P

Yi-Long2737d ago

... from what I've seen of the new dashboard, it really doesn't strike me as an improvement, designwise.

It looks more 'boring' somehow.

darthv722737d ago (Edited 2737d ago )

and i mean really fast. Signing in wirelessly is so much quicker and loading up the different areas doesnt take as long as it did. i have 2 360's for comparison. When you go to the game library it would take about 5 seconds or so to really come up and display things properly. 5 secods doesnt sound like much but the new dash it is something like 2.

The layout is a little bit to get used to but nothing painful. I had it down within a few minutes of really exploring. Now you can jump back and forth with less presses of the B button. Like in the old dash, you could be looking at a game info and have to press b to go back, then b again to go to the selections, then b again to go back to the main game menu, then b AGAIN to go back to the main dash. WHEW...

Now it is so much shorter to get from one part of the dash to another. It also has a faster feel to it. I mean the fluid motion of just cycling through things in a category (games, videos, etc) is quicker.

I do have a bit of a gripe, and it is with the netflix. I liked the isometric view of the choices better. Now it is flat and straight up left to right. I know that is because of kinect control but after using the original one and using this one and even using the new ps3/wii versions. I like the ps3/wii menu layout better cause you can see more choices on the screen.

The video streaming however has been greatly improved. I can guess they are using a newer silverlight engine which I dont believe the wii/ps3 use for their netflix streaming.

Overall I am impressed at the new dash and it has several improvements that are subtle but you notice them if after awhile. I think since I was in this beta I had updates to it at least 3 maybe even 4 times.

360 owners should like it. I do.

Jazz41082737d ago

If its like the other updates it will take less then 30 sec for the whole process.

xtremeimport2737d ago

the design is made purely for Kinect. it is defiantly more boring but i can see how its easier to use. I have the beta, and the screen they show is even a bit different than the dashboard i've been using.

Silentmerc3nary2737d ago

It's not "more boring". There's, in a sense, two dashboards in one. There's the existing one which has the same amount of features yet revamped to go with the new Xbox Start-up ( and there is a separate, simplified hub for Kinect (

xtremeimport2737d ago

i meant in terms of design it could be considered more boring.
either way, the redesign is stupid. NXE could've worked fine with Kinect MS is just stupid. im sick of defending my opinions.

Markh20012737d ago

yes indeed i remember the nxe coming out at the same time roughly as fable 2, i cant wait for fable 3, its going to be great!!

TagMeIn2737d ago

I remember when NXE launched I downloaded the leaked version just because I couldn't wait.
Maybe it's because I know that each update brings about new features, useful ones at that. Like playing your game entirely off a flash drive, I mean thats innovation right there!
Cannot wait for this update either

van-essa2737d ago

It's almost like getting a new console

thrust2737d ago (Edited 2737d ago )

your right MS know how to update software and not just update little by little, they make one big update that is worth the wait.

unlike the other ,update every week.

someone bubble me up please i wanna say more :P

Killzone3Helghast2736d ago

I mean you pay $50 a year for that service don't you?

BigKev452737d ago

I have the beta version of the new dashboard. Pretty good.

gillri2737d ago

yeah it gets me excited, I been on the preview program for the past 3 weeks and its an awesome update,

not quite as big as the NXE one, but a big nonetheless

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