No demo planned for 007: Blood Stone, confirms Bizarre

VG247: Bizarre Creations has confirmed to VG247 a demo for James Bond: Blood Stone is not planned.

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DigitalRaptor2767d ago

No need for a demo. I will rent this and possibly pick it up again once it's been reduced.

Looks like a really great Bond experience.

vhero2765d ago

There hasn't been a good bond game since Goldeneye.

TroyAndAbed2765d ago

Whoa whoa whoa!!!

Agent Under Fire had a phenomenal campaign! The multi-player had small maps, but the Q-Claw made it the most fun Bond multi-player ever! The level of customization was unseen on console FPS's at the time!

Nightfire is still a favorite at parties too!

Everything or Nothing was great too! To this day, it has some of the most memorable vehicle levels in the industry. It was a TPS also...with stealth sequences. It was awesome!

NecrumSlavery2765d ago

Agent Under Fire
Night Fire

Played those to death on GameCube. Loved them.

I don't know why there is no demo for a game that no one is dying to play just from a trailer. But when it comes out, I may rent it.

Hellsvacancy2767d ago

No demo? got summin 2 hide? its a rental at best anyway, Bond games always get hyped up

killcycle2766d ago

Thats usually what i think too.

Every game should have a Demo.

TheLastGuardian2765d ago

On the last HHG show he had an interview with the director of bloodstone and he said there will be no demo a week ago. Finally some actual news HHG had first.

DarkBlood2766d ago

yeah its a rental for me as well but i'll be buying goldeneye though, gonna get blockbuster gamepass and try out the many releases that i simply starting to not be able to afford at this current time now

360degrees2766d ago (Edited 2766d ago )

indicative of a gaming company wanting to avoid possible negative reviews/reception of their product, by not allowing the gamers to decide on its mediocrity with a demo...a classic move

DigitalRaptor2766d ago

Some developers often can't see a benefit of spending time or dispatching part of their workforce to whip up a demo, when they could be polishing and improving their game closer to launch.

Some publishers even assume the name can sell itself which isn't always the case.

MrBeatdown2765d ago

Exactly. I can think of plenty of great games that didn't get demos. Plus, Bizarre Creations has a good track record.

People need to stop jumping to conclusions on these things. Hell, even the article is unclear as to whether they ruled out a pre-release demo or a demo entirely. Blur, Bizarre's last game, didn't even get a demo on PS3 until two months after its release and that game was fantastic.

kasasensei2765d ago

So, where is the Halo Reach solo demo?

jetlian2764d ago

need it they had a beta. which still lets you play with the controls.

clarkjudo2766d ago

Just last night I was thinking how great it would be to have a demo for this game. I am not sure what all goes into taking part of the actual game and add some editing for demo purposes. And whether or not it would interfere with spending time polishing up a game. But I could see if your staff is not that large to do so anyway. But never the less, it does raise questions on the thought of possibly "hiding" an embarrassing repeat. I do not think there was a demo in the last game put out. And well, bad reviews could have shown why. Sam Fisher or Snake cannot be replaced. But a good James Bond would be a great change of pace in the lack of this type of spy agent franchise.

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The story is too old to be commented.