PAX 07: Uncharted: Drake's Fortune hands-on by Joystiq

The first thing you notice when you pick up the controller is how visually striking the game is. There are few games out there that look as lush and vibrant as Uncharted with its heavy foliage, beautiful water, and fantastic environmental textures. Considering 'next-gen games' are so often brown, drab and depressing looking, it's refreshing to play a game as colorful as this.

Control problems and camera issues were two of the biggest complaints Andrew Yoon had when he played Uncharted at E3 and thankfully Joystiq can report that those problems have already largely been fixed. The camera felt smooth and intelligent and was never a hassle in combat or exploration. The control issues during combat appear to have also been fixed, with the targeting system getting a major overhaul and the cover system getting tightened up as well. Shooting guys in the head and running from pillar to pillar to avoid enemy fire seemed easy and intuitive. Anybody who's played a third-person shooter will be able to get into the action quickly.

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MK_Red4126d ago

Good preview but "Visually, Uncharted looks better than anything on the PlayStation 3 right now"? I respect their opinion and have faith in Uncharted to be one of the best looking (And playing) games of the year but best looking PS3 game right now!? HAve they seen Killzone 2 or the uer realistic Gran Turismo 5!?

techie4126d ago

hm i like Uncharted :P

TnS4126d ago (Edited 4126d ago )

I think they said that because Uncharted is more colorful than the other games.

MK_Red4126d ago

I understand your points but even better and more colorfull than Gran Turismo 5!?

P.S. I personally like Lair the most in terms of graphics. The game looks beyond stunning on a HDTV.

SorenK4125d ago

I, for one, appreciate the color. KZ2's graphics and details are amazing, but so far, most of the screen shots I have seen have been dominated by greys. I remember when the NES and SNES came out, one of the most important stats of systems back then wasn't how many polygons could be displayed or what type of shaders the system utilized, but how many colors the system could display. I guess part of me is still stuck in that era :)

Regardless, it sounds like this shaping up to be a solid title.

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vasilisk4126d ago

Seems like Uncharted will be greater than Lair and Heavenly Sword. Seems like it'll be more fun to play.
BTW Warhawk = endless fun, best game I've played this year

Vojkan4126d ago

Only problem i have with this game is if it is that short 8-12 hours, and with no multiplayer it might die of very rapidly

ShiftyLookingCow4125d ago (Edited 4125d ago )

I am hoping its much longer than eight hours

[edit] they should make the game like 11 hours for playing straight thru, and give some good perks for exploring

ShiftyLookingCow4125d ago (Edited 4125d ago )

could be the "Gears of War" of PS3(probably w/ a lot more story), will be getting this one for sure

edit: its certainly more colorful, and I am very thankful for that. And violence, if cant chop a guy, you can always kick him like crazy in the nuts

MK_Red4125d ago (Edited 4125d ago )

Also, with a lot more colors. But (Unfortunetly) without blood and gore.

But seriously, it's good to see a realisit and beautiful game with lots of colors and while I'm generally against T rated games, I don't think Uncharted needs M rating and is an already exceptional game.

felidae4125d ago (Edited 4125d ago )

hard times for the 360.

if they can't deliver something special besides a shooting game or "Nobody likes 'em"-Viva Pinata Party Animals ... they're done.

puuh, luckily i got me a ps3 ;-)

so funny that dudes like TheMART won't be able to play some of the best videogames ever created. lolol, i feel sorry for you guys ;-)

RadientFlux4125d ago

I don't know why anyone would want to be a fanboy, you miss out on too many great games no matter which console you are fanboy for.

ShiftyLookingCow4125d ago

"hard times for the 360." load of bull, this year is hardly bad for any console

MK_Red4125d ago

DarthBillBoy is 100% right.
This is one of the best years of gaming if not THE best.

Xbox 360 is getting one of the best games of all time, BioShock as well as 360's biggest game, Halo 3 which is the main reason to own Xbox for many. Mass Effect, a superb RPG from BioWare that looks to be going for the greatness achieved by their previous RPG, KOTOR.

PS3 is getting lots of superb first party titles that we all know about.

PS3 and 360 both get: Call Of Duty 4 and Rock Band. Both have won multiple Game of the show awards at E3 07. Assassin's Creed, Burnout Paradise (Myfave among the bunch), Strangelhold, Black Site and more are also on their way.

Wii is getting the uber awesome Metroid Prime 3 that can revolutionize console FPS gaming. Add that to Super Mario Galaxy, a true Maio game for Wii and you have to of the best games of 2007. Not to mention my most anticipated Wii title, Manhunt 2.

And finally PC is getting the much anticipated Crysis along with some of those PS3/360 titles like Assassins and COD4.

This is one helluva good year for gaming.

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