Prototype: Pro-G Hands-On first Impressions

There's something undeniably cool about being a guy with super powers. With the success of Microsoft's brilliant Crackdown, gamers are definitely ready for another open-world adventure and Prototype looks just the ticket.

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MK_Red4124d ago

This game is gonna be a killer. While character faces look a bit flat, the game looks downright amazing.

alexander22rednaxela4124d ago

Brutal, this game needs a good story to explain this whole morphing mechanic.

This game might be a bit to brutal to play if you have a family, and you have a kid.

THE_JUDGE4124d ago

Lol, thats a good one. That game sold only because of the Halo 3 Beta and everyone knows it. As for this game, I'm looking foward to it. I love me some superhero type action.