Goldeneye Behind the Scenes – MoCap and Stunts

This remake looks greatto us at GATT but it also seems to place more emphasis on hand to hand combat and takedowns. Whether or not that is going to affect how gamers play the game remains to be seen.

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sak5002893d ago (Edited 2893d ago )

So much effort on the animation yet looks like a ps2 title. OK sorry so it's wii's gamplay.

But they better improve the graphics for 360 and ps3 versions. The last one looked like 3D0 game.

unknownhero11232892d ago

it's an wii exclusive dude but another 007 title called bloodstone is coming to the ps3/360 and it looks great!

dubal-e2892d ago

Looks great, tired of all these haters posting comments. Like BallSAK500