David Cameron launches attack on games

With a general election looming, David Cameron has found a new 'enemy of society' to rally against: violent video games. The Tory leader has set out a new long-term plan to tackle anti-social behaviour – including potential curbs on interactive entertainment.

According to the Press Association, the strategy will form part of The Conservative Party's new 'mini-manifesto' on law and order.

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MK_Red4124d ago

Well, another dumb, stupid and ugly SOB is gonna attack games. Not really surprising.

P4KY B4124d ago

Civil rights lawyers are allowed to hold our country to ransom.
We cant tackle anti-social behaviour because criminals have more 'rights' than their victims.

Norad64124d ago

Who the F is David Cameron?

P4KY B4124d ago

And he's got a face you would never tire of punching.

Shadow Flare4124d ago

yeah, a picture of his face would be perfect for a dartboard. Or on the front of a missile or something

MaximusPrime4124d ago

David Cameron is an UK polital opposition party leader.

He loves green. eg: he rides a bike to work. talks about cutting carbon emissions etc etc.

He even travelled to South Africa to visit the hospital there. How did he get there? by plane.

Rooftrellen4123d ago

If I still liked him after I saw he was one of the people using video games as a scape goat for all the problems of the world (and I didn't), I sure can't like him after that.

Seriously, I can't stand when people think that the carbon dioxide we produce is a serious danger to the Earth. Maybe when we can match the CO2 outpoot of a volcano, I'll listen, but so long as humans have such a small impact of the amount of greenhouses gasses, I'll ignore and wish to punch people who ignore the science.

Yeah, its not about video games at all, but, hey, I have 2 reasons to hate the guy, now, and he's on the other side of the ocean!

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sfinXters4124d ago

Looks like someone has been visiting Germany lately.

bumnut4124d ago

he needs to be voted into power first.

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The story is too old to be commented.