Gamers Are Willing Wear Glasses For 3D Gaming, Will you wear it?

A survey report comes from the U-Decide Initiative, has concluded that 80 percent of gamers are willing wear glasses for 3D gaming entertainment.

Since the 3D technology has improved, the glasses are no longer necessary for 3D. What do you think about that? Will you wear it?

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pixelsword2741d ago

Will you wear a mic on your ear?


*rolls eyes*

imvix2741d ago

Why would i wear a mic on my ear. Typing on the keyboard in most situations is far more convienient.

Anon19742741d ago

The point, of course, is that gamers already wear accessories to compliment their gaming. This is no different.

SmokexFFx2741d ago

It is different, wearing glasses on your face is a pain, when you don't even notice a mic on your ear.

darkcharizard2741d ago

4 player split screen multiplayer with 3D glasses! LMFAO!

pangitkqb2741d ago

It doesn't add much to the gameplay but detracts from the crispness of the visuals. Plus, it messes with my eyes after about an hour or so.

Not for me. Others are free to enjoy it as they wish though.

Panthers2741d ago (Edited 2741d ago )

I really see NO problem with wearing glasses to enjoy 3D. The only problem is that those glasses all seem expensive. (of course if I could afford the TV to begin with I probably wouldnt have a problem with the price)

HolyOrangeCows2741d ago

I'd rather wear 3D glasses than deal with those crappy glasses-less TVs that have a crappy viewing angle and are exponentially more expensive.

DaTruth2741d ago (Edited 2741d ago )

Like it says above, you guys are in the slim minority! Wonder what is wrong with you? Must be suffering from fanboyofthreesixtia disease!

Edit @ Invix: Should have indicated sarcasm!

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deadreckoning6662741d ago (Edited 2741d ago )

I don't mind wearing glasses for 3D gaming. But I DO mind wearing glasses to watch every day cable TV.

raztad2741d ago (Edited 2741d ago )


Sony patented a tech using 3D to provide FULL SCREEN LOCAL TWO-PLAYERS COOP. I definitely can enjoy that. Dont mind the glasses. My only concern is getting the money for my 3DTV by the time KZ3 launches.

mushroomwig2741d ago

Whenever I see a 3D movie in the cinema I forget that I'm actually wearing glasses, I don't notice until I walk outside with them.

I'll wear them, because I don't really have a choice if I want to experience 3D gaming at home.

Pixelswords comment is valid, it's no different..if you want to experience voice chat then you have to use a mic, if you want to experience 3D then you have to use the glasses.

AEtherbane2741d ago (Edited 2741d ago )

Actually, imagine programmed 3D glasses that make only your little part of the split screen 3D. say goodbye to easy screen peeking.

Edit: Opps, wrong spot, imagine this comment posted up a bit....

tacosRcool2741d ago

I wear my glasses when I game so whats the big deal?

OhReginald2741d ago

People are waiting for 3D contacts XD

tinybigman2741d ago

if i wear them when i see a 3D movie i see no problem wearing them when playing for an hour or 2.

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gypsygib2741d ago (Edited 2741d ago )

Not buying a 3D tv until they don't require glasses - it's like when people bought the early HD TV's that required a bulb, DLP TVs I think they were called. Early adopters always get burned in terms of both price and tech. I know, I bought a 360 within a year of launch.

Gamefan122741d ago

ok wow ... HD TV were not all dlp .. that was just a different type of TV like lcd or plasma , DLPS still exist.

gypsygib2740d ago

Regardless, the first HD TV's were crap

asyouburn2741d ago

3d with galsses is like a "pop out at you" 3d, while glassesless is more of a "depth in a box" 3d.

whitesoxfalife2741d ago

yea but i dont see nothing wrong with having glasses on and like darkride66 said we already wear headset, Bluetooth, so whats wrong with a some 3d glasses on out faces until they bring out no glasses 3DTVs..... i have a DLP3DTV from mitsu and its a 73"

kneon2741d ago

I want a surround sound headset with the 3D glasses built in. They wouldn't even have to touch your face, they can just be attached to the headband of the headset and just be positioned in front of your eyes.

nickjkl2741d ago

that cant be right there are dlp 3d tvs

Panthers2741d ago

I am pretty sure no matter how good the tech gets, 3D with glasses will always be a better experience.

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Ares84PS32741d ago

Whenever I play 3D games or watch movies I'm wearing the glasses. But honestly I could do without them. But I'm paying attention more of what's on the TV than what's on my head so it doesn't bother me that much.

GiggMan2741d ago

Well said, I like having the option also.

Ares84PS32741d ago

Movies and games alike. It takes you that much closer to the action. I can understand people who hate 3D and they have their reasons for it but to constantly call it in question and bash it just because of the glasses...... I call that in question.

Ares84PS32741d ago

However, it sounds much ignorent.

RandomGamer2741d ago

You spelled ignorant wrong.