Windows 7: The fastest selling OS in history

Pocket-Lint: "Microsoft has sold more than 240 million licenses for Windows 7 in its first year of existence, making it the fastest selling OS in history.

And, to mark its first birthday, Microsoft is releasing the Windows 7 Family Pack to the UK."

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saint_john_paul_ii2859d ago

considering that people were abandoning the Windows Vista Ship quickly, i believe it.

CombineElite2859d ago (Edited 2859d ago )

(sarcasm) Nope this is wrong. According to Steve Jobs OSx 10 Snow bunny Snow blower Snow goat or whatever it's called is the greatest OS since Humans.

240 million licenses, that's a lot of MOney made for M$ who in turn will invest about $15 bucks of that for PC gaming.

they simply will buy a 1 month World of Warcraft account then proceed to carbon copy the game.

P.S. Vista still SUCKS.

ultramoot2858d ago

I see the "sarcasm". But I'm still confused as to what you're trying to portray, since "fastest selling OS" and "greatest OS" are not necessarily the same.

Cyrus3652858d ago

Agreed sales = Greatness, it can be, but doesn't necessarily have to be.

ultramoot2859d ago

240 million? That's friggin' huge. I wonder how much of that figure went into gaming PCs?

Pandamobile2859d ago

240+ million DX11 ready OS's shipped, 10-25 million DX11 ready GPU's shipped, and only 10-15 games that really use DX11.

ultramoot2859d ago (Edited 2859d ago )

Yeah. It's sad. You'd think the devs that claim that their games are not direct-ports from consoles would actually take the time to implement DX11 features.*looks at Ubisuck*
And I guess even selling 3 million copies on PC is not good enough to warrant a continuation of an exclusive, huh?. *looks at Crytek*

Pandamobile2859d ago

I think with Crytek, they're more interested in selling their engine.

Crysis 2 would have been a PC exclusive had they decided not to license the CryEngine.

Cyrus3652859d ago

240 million that just insane!