OXM: Arcania: Gothic 4 Review

As difficult as it is for a self-proclaimed story-aholic to admit, the flow of combat and epic exploration is enough to make the Gothic series’ console debut an interesting experience, despite the mind-boggling story design. Of course, it also helps that the nameless hero sarcastically pokes fun at the convoluted plot twists and the way a single task always seems to lead to more tasks, even if he never seems to get around to mentioning that whole dead-fiancée-and-vengeanc e thing.

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SmokexFFx2802d ago

When the hell is Elder scrolls 5 coming then!?

EvilTactician2802d ago

Different developer, but there's a small chance they are working on it as we speak, as there is a 'yet to be announced' project being worked on by Bethesda. They said there would be the shortest time between announcement and launch in their studios history, so I remain positive that it *might* just be TESV.