PlayStation's Greatest Sidekicks

PlayStation Universe's Mike Harradence writes: 'Starting Monday, October 18 we'll be looking at a new sidekick every day until Sunday, so be sure to keep checking this article for fresh updates over the next seven days to see if your personal favourites made our list.'

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SmokexFFx2855d ago (Edited 2855d ago )

Sully switched sides so much I can't even remember if he was good or bad. Not someone I'd want as a sidekick.

metsgaming2855d ago

apparently you didnt play the game

SmokexFFx2850d ago

But yeah you guys are right I confused him for Flynn.

Blacktric2850d ago

Victor "Goddamn" Sullivan FTW!

King-Leonidas2850d ago

You still dragging this tired old sack of shit around?

Rocket Sauce2850d ago

"I borrowed this boat off a couple pirates who were too dead to care."

Godmars2902850d ago

Sully's the kind of "sidekick" who would do any and everything including hock his own mother to get you out of jail, *then* stage a prison break when all that failed. This after you and he got into an argument where you not only told him to F* off but punched him out.

Sully's *THE* dude you want at your back because you're going to be at his.

thief2850d ago

UC2 probably has the best developed set of sidekicks in any game I have played.

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BabyTownFrolics2850d ago

nothing more interesting to write about?

writersblock2850d ago


Look, Ima lose a bubble or get this hidden as a personal attack

BabyTownFrolics2850d ago

would be alot more interesting to write about than the topic of this article, she's a pretty cool lady.

theafroman2850d ago

this list is fail bentley not even in it

branchedout2850d ago

Hold on.

Sully is a SIDEkick?

It's that loser Drake who's the sidekick.
Sully does all the work.

theonlylolking2850d ago

Sully is the best sidekick ever. Clank probably being next.