Microsoft Looks to 'Further Elevate' Xbox Live Advertising as it Closes Massive

Earlier this month, IG reported that Microsoft was shutting down its in-game ad unit Massive, which it purchased back in 2006. The in-game advertising business has not seen the kind of growth some had expected, and Microsoft today made it official: the company will "sunset" the Massive group by year's end. Microsoft plans to continue expanding the Massive technology and said it "represents a tremendous opportunity for Microsoft to further elevate Xbox LIVE advertising as the singular Microsoft in-game and around game advertising platform for advertisers."

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pixelsword2770d ago (Edited 2770d ago )

I love the XboX brand; but please Microsoft, why raise the price just to "Further Elevate" Xbox Live Advertising?

Troll_Police2770d ago (Edited 2770d ago )

"Microsoft still charges for its Xbox Live service (if you want to play online), but perhaps with enough advertising they'll one day offer a genuinely free online platform. We'd love to see a flood of free-to-play games hit Xbox Live as well."

Shouldn't the ads pay for XBL already? Or shouldn't the paid XBL subscription keep ads away? What am I missing here?

pixelsword2770d ago (Edited 2770d ago )

I agree; I think I want to say that XBL is more of a strain that what they're putting on, yet it's mostly P2P so I don't know where the hassle would be coming from.

This also reminds me of a magazine. Ads pay for the magazine, the subscription price is pure profit; which it why they can cut crazy deals with special interest groups or corporations such as Publishers Clearing House.

I want them to drop the pretense and make XBL free. The XboX brand will have respect from me,and I also appreciate Microsoft's effort for some of their social standards in using certain metals from other countries first before going into oppressed countries, but they're practicing economic stratification of it's users by charging for services that by all rights should be free on their console.

bartender642770d ago

Do you pay to go to the theaters right? You realize that, even when you pay for the movie you are stuck watching at least 15 to 20 minutes in adds before the movie starts? well if thats the case then no, not because you pay for something it means that it'll be add free. Another example are cable and satellite companies.

darthv722770d ago (Edited 2770d ago )

they are not intrusive. When you want to watch a trailer or a major's minute or ign strategize you just start watching them. It isnt like they are rolling a quick 10 sec ad prior.

Or a plug for a product before you play the game. This game brought to you by (insert company here).

The ads they do have generally offer stuff for those who may be interested in clicking on them. Maybe free avatar items or gamer pics. If anything,

I am curious if MS has a hidden achievement of watching ALL the ads and you get 200 GS points.

Achievement Unlocked: Couch Potato

Ares84PS32770d ago (Edited 2770d ago )

You got things pretty wrong.

#1 you pay the cable/satelite company not each channel. Channels get paid by advertisments so they can create the shows. Cable and satelite companies are providers of said channels and while they do pay some they aren't paying enough. Imagine trying to run hundreads of channels. Not possible.

As for the cinema, you can choose to go into the theater when you want. You don't have to watch those few advertisements for 20minutes before the movie starts. You can just go inot the theater when the movie actually starts. But to be fair...I rather watch advertisements before the movie than stare at a blank screen for the time being...

Yeah I compleatly forgot about that. But it just makes the point stronger...if you pay for it than you should get want you want. Entertainment without commercials.

Non_sequitur2770d ago

Premium channels are commercial free, but you have to pay a lot for them.

Ares84PS32770d ago

...if you are paying for a service than why are you going to get so much advertisement??

I mean...either you pay for the service or the advertisement.

I think this is just being greedy. But as long as people pay I guess.

I can't even say a word because I was dumb enough to buy PSplus :D

BulletToothtony2770d ago


like on apples app store..

if you get the free version you get adds,

and if you pay (usually) .99 cents you get NO ads..

but paying AND getting ads.. i dunno how that makes sense

and then there is PSN at NO charge and NO advertisement hmmm something tells me that PSN is the way to go

Call_me_Ishmael2770d ago

they wanna elevate the advertising,whoa,they should just
spend the money buying more first party studios and making more games
than wasting it on oprah and bieber

Ares84PS32770d ago

So he needs the $$$ right now :D

divideby02770d ago

anyway to offset the cost of games or Live I am all for.
I thought in game ads would help, it didnt all we saw is games at 60+ and Live sub goes up.

I want MS to start focusing on GAMES.. not Kinect, not more features for Live.
I only bought 3 games for my 360 this year...same as Wii and didt get past March without buying 3 PS3 games..

MS get going on GAMES.... for us hardcore gamers....

Anti-Fanboyer2770d ago (Edited 2770d ago )

But then I realized it's because it isn't clustered with ads. They have the ticker up in the right corner next to the timer, but that never bothered me- in fact it's actually quite informative. It's one of the first thing I look at in case there is anything new on the store. No big poster board telling me about the latest non-game related product, and a chance to win this and that.

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