G4TV: Rock Band 3 Review

It might not make you into Eddie Van Halen or Rick Wakeman, but Rock Band 3 is a classic music game. It is at once the best party game on earth, a great solo pastime, and a potential entry-point into a lifelong artistic pursuit – how many games can you say that about? Unless they add virtual backstage cocaine binges and groupie peripherals, it’s hard to imagine how Rock Band 4 could significantly improve upon the franchise, but let’s hope Harmonix has something up their sleeves anyway.

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Redempteur2858d ago

"at a party, you’ll still be yelling “nobody hit any buttons!” more than once before your friends are properly trained."

lol that happenned more than once already with my RB2

AndrewRyan2858d ago

Rockband 3 is a game changer. Guitar Hero gives us the same game every year, while this year Harmonix gives us a real expert mode

Yi-Long2857d ago

... they don't care about quality or innovating. They buy or copy something that's popular, and then milk it for years

Activision sucks. No-one should be giving them any of their money.

Myst2858d ago

This shall be my most played game of this year and next. Also wow the only con they found is the pro mode being a tad hard, come on Monday night!

Arnagrim2858d ago

Sounds like a great addition to the series. I'll be passing on it though, there's really no good (IMO) metal tracks on the set list.

Nintenuendo2858d ago

Now personally, the fact that there aren't metal tracks on the setlist is a pro in my book, BUT, you can transfer those from the other games to this, and all of the DLC from the past will work, so there are pretty good options if that's what you're into.

Not to mention any that might be coming out later.

Bobbykotickrulesz2857d ago

I want lots of Tool and old Soundgarden.