Top Five Console Launch Games (RunDLC)

Whenever a company announces a system launch date, the first question is always the same: what about the games? That’s obvious, since software defines hardware. A slew of different machines have debuted over the years, and plenty of games as well. But only a handful stand out, so without further ado, we’re proud to present the top five console launch games of all time.

John Artest (RunDLC)

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darkcharizard2802d ago

Zelda Twilight Princess - Wii

Buff10442802d ago

Yeah...that's another great one.

darthv722802d ago

some good some ok but all released at the initial time of system launch.
Altered Beast: Genesis
Magician Lord: NeoGeo
Tetris: Gameboy
Columns: GameGear
Crash 'n' Burn: 3DO
Tempest 2000: Jaguar
Shinobi: Master system
Combat: 2600
Virtua Fighter: Saturn
Ridge Racer: PS1
Rogue Squadron: Game Cube
Todd Adv Slimeworld: Lynx
Sonic CD: SegaCD
Star Wars trilogy: 32x
and of course...
Super Mario Bros: NES

Buff10442802d ago

Ridge Racer was indeed quite good on PSOne.