Top Ten Funniest Games Of All Time

Dealspwn: Humour in games is a hard thing to pull off, but with DeathSpank making some noise, and Duke Nukem dusting off his pithy one liners once more, we figured it was about time we took a look back at some of the funniest games of all time. It’s a subjective list, to be sure, but we think these ten have earned their place as true gaming comedy classics.

Honourable mentions go to Resident Evil for having the worst plot translation and voice work ever, PaRappa the Rapper for turning a gangsta scene into something colourful, absurd and side-splittingly funny, Command and Conquer for having the hammiest, OTT acting and Elite Beat Agents for being utterly, incomprehensibly Japanese...

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imvix2890d ago

Giants citizen kuboto was awesome.

Cajun Chicken2889d ago

Not forgetting Armed and Dangerous also by Planet Moon. How about the MDK and Serious Sam games too?

dalibor2889d ago

Yeah I remember MDK, an old school game right there. Some of the power ups were funny to use.

Cajun Chicken2889d ago

Hahaha, I'm just playing a rebought copy of Eat Lead: The Return of Matt Hazard after completing it most of a year ago. I forgot how awesomely hilarious and fourth wall breaking that game was.

Lord_Doggington2889d ago (Edited 2889d ago )

I'd have like to have seen Deadly Premonition.

Lord_Doggington2889d ago

Oh and I also would have like to have seen Elite Beat Agents and The Phoenix Wright Series too...

phatak2889d ago

Portal is quite funny. hopefully portal 2 will be funny as well

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BiggCMan2889d ago

gta 4? that really doesnt belong their. san andreas certainly had more funny moments. i think uncharted 2 should be their, its so funny.

bananlol2889d ago

I love the uncharted series, but when it comes to being funny it cant really compete with the likes of monkey island, portal and postal 2. However I do agree uc2 is finnier than some titles on that list.

michael10232889d ago

they forgot Prinny or MGS4

longcat2889d ago

strongbad deserves 2 be there

bananlol2889d ago

The monkey island games are probably some of the funniest there is, have anybody tried the psn/xbla remakes?

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The story is too old to be commented.