Mario Red Wii in our hands - Video

CVG: The obligatory unboxing video you've been waiting for...

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Call_me_Ishmael2823d ago

nice but who doesnt already have a wii?

KratosGirI2823d ago

People who don't like the Wii?

Britney Spears2823d ago

at least over 70+ million more don't own a Wii yet...

blind-reaper2823d ago (Edited 2823d ago )

Someone is holding Mario's nasty infected Wii...
(lol the title have so many connotations!!!)

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SSmoke2823d ago

OMG! a Wii... and its red?? OMG! I must have it, lol..

Yomiro2823d ago

is this faster than the other wiis?

Swiftfox2823d ago

Does this Wii do things the other Wii's can't?

I can understand buying a handheld based on color or picking up another controller based on color, but a new console for a new color seems silly to me.

They other side is I can't really see people going, "You know, I've really wanted to pick up a Wii but those colors just don't do it for me. It's got to be red/blue/purple/pink/yellow/pl aid."

Bounkass2823d ago

Lol, I've had exactly 175 of these come through my hands at my work the day before yesterday... I still can't get into Nintendo for some reason...

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