EDGE: Fallout: New Vegas Review

EDGE "Creatively, New Vegas gets almost everything right. Mechanically and technically, it’s a tragedy. So it’s a simultaneously rewarding and frustrating game, the gulf between what it is and what it could be a sizeable stretch indeed. Few games have built up a world like New Vegas, and even fewer have squandered such opportunities like this."

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Meus Renaissance2857d ago

I've avoided reviews and I've only looked at them now as the game installs for me. I don't understand how the game can disappoint technically when its the same team behind Fallout 3? Did they hire a new programmer or something?

TOO PAWNED2857d ago

Same engine, different team

Keith Olbermann2857d ago (Edited 2857d ago )

It is pretty buggy. I got killed multiple times trying to shoot a guy with VATS and for some reason the shots hit a wall next to me...even though I was no where near the wall. The guy runs through some rubble that was not passable and my shots just went past him with iron sites. That has happened a few times already and Im only a few hours in.

Game-ur2857d ago

Obsidian need to seriously overhaul their programming department, first the broken Alpha Protocol now this.

Da One2857d ago

Buggy engine.......very buggy

BubbleSystemSuck2857d ago

with all the bugs or not, is one of the best game in the history. Face it

ProjectVulcan2857d ago

EDGE didnt even like Fallout 3 much, i believe they gave it a 7. It was worth more than a 7.

This is worth more than a 6.

Akagi2857d ago

Why? Because it's on your precious "superior pc lolz best way 2 play"?

The games broken on every platform. This score is more than generous, IMO.

ProjectVulcan2857d ago (Edited 2857d ago )

''Why? Because it's on your precious "superior pc lolz best way 2 play"?''

What on earth are you banging on about? I think you are incredibly rude and obnoxious for absolutely NO reason. Disgusting, please stop being so immature.

The Pc version has glitches and bugs same as all the rest, although it has a patch to iron out a lot of the scripting problems and major game breaking bugs i dont believe the consoles have recieved yet. It does help that beyond this, other potential bugs are more easily dealt with on an open platform like Pc, this is not an excuse for them to exist, but a distinct advantage in this case.

Biggunz2857d ago

The console patch is out..

kwicksandz2857d ago

Also akagi, you are right

the Pc version is by far the best one. Graphically, framerate, loadtimes, draw distance and even cheaper price too =)

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Baka-akaB2857d ago

@Meus Renaissance

You make it sound as if it behaved better the first time around .

The engine is what it is , and Obsidian certainly wasnt given a choice in the matter

soulzero2857d ago

Bugs shouldnt keep ONE OF THE BEST GAMES THIS GEN from haveing a good score.
This is pure nonsense.

Philoctetes2857d ago

"Best Games of this Generation" don't stutter and freeze, they don't corrupt your save files, and they don't have game-breaking glitches.

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Tdmd2857d ago

Finally some reviewers with guts to review the game for what it really is: buggy and graphically outdated. I honestly can't understand all the 9's it's getting...

Nate-Dog2857d ago

That's (most) reviewers for you nowadays. Any game rated below 8.5 now seems to be a travesty that should be thrown in a bonfire and never spoken of again.

visualb2857d ago

and I'd rate it AS OF NOW 8.8

why .8? because tbh, aside from not being anything NEW (too many games get bashed for this yet others get away with it) its everything FO3 was and more.

bugs? PC version has hardly any. My play through has been more stable than FO3 ever was, and thats impressive an improvement

graphics? Agree'd, but tbh, thats not my biggest concern when it comes to FO games (never was). Look at Fallout 1 and 2. Ugly as f*ck but great games...

however, it lacks the novelty FO3 had because, well as you say, its not new.

so I'd give it an 8.8 for being everything FO3 is and more! AS WELL AS MORE STABLE (PC version mind you)

a08andan2857d ago (Edited 2857d ago )

I would love if there were 2 different review scores. One where you look at the game just like it is and one score where the originality and how intuitive it is, is judged. A lot of times I'm really excited about a game, but when I finally get to play it, it often feels like something I've played before. I want new experiences and original games, with intuitive stuff and combinations that hasn't been done before, or very rarely. Would really like that.

djfullshred2857d ago (Edited 2857d ago )

It never makes sense to me when reviewers don;t seriously consider the actual performance of the software when reviewing games. A review not taking points off for bad software is just a bad review, and misleading to customers what kind of product they are buying.

Troll_Police2857d ago

Wow, knowing Edge that must be the PS3 version.

MegaMohsi2857d ago

2 PC patches in 3 days of release sums it up for you, buggy game that should have never passed QA. I have random white dots that appear in the PC version and a very inconsistent framerate, very disappointed but not unexpected from Obsidian, FIX THE PROBLEMS!

byeGollum2857d ago

you all know EDGE, they go HARD!
Why should Fallout New Vegas get a free pass?

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