Black Ops violence 'went too far' - Treyarch

Call of Duty: Black Ops makes use of a new facial animation capture system so realistic that it had to be toned down for some kills.

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Iceland2608d ago

Damn, a lot of bad news all around us lately.


Longrod_Von_Hugendon2608d ago (Edited 2608d ago )

Holy shit Gary Oldman and Ed Harris are in Black Ops? This shit just got real.

Unbornkirkster192608d ago

haha nice reference to The Rock

bratman2607d ago

this is what your comment reminded me of...

Killjoy30002608d ago

You can even execute people online in Killzone 3. Grow some some balls, Treyarch. Make use of the great tech that sets this installment apart from the others. Because texture wise, I think MW2 looks cleaner so far.

nickjkl2608d ago

get a headshot in killzone 2 and it blows their head right off

BiggCMan2607d ago

yea i love that in killzone 2. remember people, many many kids buy call of duty. i was out today getting my hair cut, and the lady was telling me how she pre ordered this game for her 11 year old kid. wtf?

y0haN2607d ago

Shooting heads off? Wow. What a new feature to gaming!

MEsoJD2607d ago

wrong with these pussy game companies? Mature games = for adults.

gameraxis2607d ago (Edited 2607d ago )

santa monica let me rip the head slowly and tortuously off, all while the skin slowly started to tear and u could see muscle tendants and veins stretching, to a Greek god named Helios.

no kahunas

u make a game about the instinctual brutality of man in their most primitive form, set in a theater of war, u should be willing to portray to the T (ESPECIALLY SINCE THE TECH IS THERE) how it would be in real life...if ur not willing to go the full distance in the genre ur trying to create, your making the wrong game! Try a farmville clone. Will this make the game any worse? No, but will it be that much less than it should of been, even if by such a minuscule amount? Absolutely. Its already getting an M rating like GOW did, ESRB isn't going to make it an A rating if GOW wasn't (for those of u who haven't played GOW3, take my word for it). This decision was made not for the target audience that will make them millions, but for the Fox news' of the world, which in the end would bring controversy ie attention to an already incredibly well established franchise boosting sales even more, like we've seen with the previous installment and current games hosting the taliban... just to name a few

PHOSADRA2607d ago (Edited 2607d ago )

I soon as I read the title
I thought....

"How can WAR be too violent?"

What are the soldiers supposed to do? Play patty cake with the enemy?

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theonlylolking2608d ago

HAHAHAHAHA call of duty looking to real? Its only to real if it looks 2x better than killzone 3 and crysis. The animation probably did not look that great because past COD's did not have great animation. Although now they are using full body motion capture but will they use it for all animations?

dragonelite2608d ago

What cod animation looks gold because they can use more frames to animate a 1 sec movement.

Baka-akaB2608d ago

uh ? with that kind of logic Pixar animation is crap then .. their movies are released in 24 fps , 48 max if going imax HD ...

Dr Face Doctor2608d ago

...but it's mainly due to clever use of shaders and animation. The textures are 'meh' and the model quality is okay, but I find it impressive how well the game is held up by the shaders.

This includes lighting effects, shadows, reflections, etc. I've rarely seen such good looking weapon viewmodels, and that's all due to the shaders baby. :D

tacosRcool2608d ago

I sense this will be an ok game

Unbornkirkster192607d ago

oh kay Sarah from Team America, everyon needs your intellectual

BYE2608d ago

Wow, Treyarch must be really desperate for hype to make such ridiculous statements.

Baka-akaB2608d ago (Edited 2608d ago )

i can already imagine the great convos between tweens ... "holy crap did you hear that!! Black ops animations were so da bomb and real they had to censor themselves! For real i gotta get that mofo!"

NarooN2607d ago

The only people blowing this out of proportion are the interviewers and all of you for making a big deal out of it. They didn't release a fucking trailer saying "HOLY FUCK THIS IS WHAT IT WAS GONNA BE LIKE BEFORE BUT IT WAS TOO HARDCORE SO WE TOOK IT OUT"

AwesomeJizz2608d ago

They will probably remove the gore and put some nice poo poo instead

chazjamie2608d ago

i would buy the game if they did that.

bigboss9112608d ago

well in one vid that they showed on gametrailers, they were using the same mo-cap that was used in Avatar. Which is pretty impressive.