Creating Communities: Sony

Critical Gamer writes: Sony had two excellent opportunities to create a strong online community but due to a lack of foresight failed to do so. The first was not to include a microphone free with every PS3. When it comes to voice chat in games there are a large number of people who do not want to hear other people talking and with good reason. When it leads to being abused or irritated in a game by a stranger the concept of voice chat seems less appealing, but by not including a microphone Sony set the standard for online interaction. A lot of online PS3 players don’t use microphones unless they are speaking to friends. This culture of silence gives the player a greater sense of isolation and lack of attachment to the online service. In a lot of games that may seem preferable, but for games that require teamwork and an ability to coordinate movement such as Fat Princess, something is lost by people’s unwillingness to communicate with each other.

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Cubes2744d ago

When I started playing online on the PS3 it wasn't great, but they have improved things considerably since then. The writer is correct however that there aren't enough players using a headset, and perhaps if Sony added a headset to each bundle it may help foster some community spirit. The Home idea is excellent, and really should be getting looked at by Sony.

scruffy_bear2743d ago

Very interesting artilce wish more people would talk on the PSN as team games are very quiet