New HD Killzone 3 BETA footage is awesome but buggy

GB writes: "Some brand new Killzone 3 BETA footage has crept up and it looks bloody awesome. However, since it’s a BETA, some bugs have made their presence felt aswell. Drop in Framerates being a major one, stuff like unable to walk up stairs ( 0.25), enemies running through you while you try and melee them(1.00) and delay in killing enemies ( final few seconds)."

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cyborg2826d ago

at not being able to climb up stair, I hope those gets fixed ASAP.

Looks awesome though

Iceland2826d ago (Edited 2826d ago )

I'm twice as interested in the game now.


Winter47th2826d ago

They don't call it a Beta for nothing.

nickjkl2826d ago

wait aminute are melees one shot kill now thats not cool

Longrod_Von_Hugendon2826d ago

I like the snowflakes. XP The burning embers flying all over the place is simply amazing.

Beta = buggy

PSFan1002826d ago

The whole point of beta is to report the bugs you're suppose to look for. It looks amazing! I'm very impressed with the frame rate (and it's still alpha code (Y))

blackbeld2826d ago

Very nice, very nice. I buy this game day 1.

Rot_in_Fail2826d ago

OMG alpha code is buggy, what we gonna do now???????????????????????

D4RkNIKON2826d ago

Wow, just wow.. Watch that in 720p and prepare to have your mind blown. I better get in the damn beta on the 25th for downloading that Beta theme.

maxcer2826d ago (Edited 2826d ago )

"The whole point of beta is to report the bugs you're suppose to look for"

spot on, and i hope that the people that did pay for this beta really do some bug reporting instead of treating it like a demo.

...oh and i did notice this from yesterdays video. the camera height seems to be placed in the guys chest just like KZ2, its not a bug but if enough people complain maybe they'll change it.

nickjkl2826d ago

how did i get 8 disagrees

look at this video every melee is a one shot i think their are some people on here that are hyping kilzone 3 way beyond what it should be to be able to wank it without actually trying to find out if its true or not he even killed 2 people in a row by using 1 melee attack and nott the double melee attack

nycredude2826d ago


So stabbing someone in the face or breaking their necks shouldn't be an instant kill?

nickjkl2826d ago (Edited 2826d ago )

no ny im talking about at 4:50 the regular melee one shots people now

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Deputydon2826d ago

The same glitch was in the KZ2 beta. They fixed that for the most part.

Scary692826d ago

That is why it is a beta,just hopefully those testing the game report the issues. But the game looks amazing cannot wait.

FACTUAL evidence2826d ago

But did u see the last headshot kill?.....So staged..

KillaManiac2826d ago

The stairs bug has already been reported in beta forums and a GG Dev they found the problem and are working on a fix.

Not to mention...the current beta is still ALPHA code.

Gimme a break people....freaking out over leaked footage that is breaking ToS.

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TheGrimBunny2826d ago

damn this game looks good, i cant wait!

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xYLeinen2826d ago

Wow, it's buggy. I wonder why they are having a beta. Can anyone solve this riddle please???

NewsForMe2826d ago (Edited 2826d ago )

Calm down, take a deep breath. They're just pointing it out. They aren't trashing the game.

"However, we are sure Guerilla will iron all of those out since this BETA’s being conducted for that very reason."


ExPresident2826d ago

If they weren't trying to take a pop shot at the game then why even mention the bugs? I mean seriously, who goes into a BETA expecting there not to be any bugs?

NewsForMe2826d ago (Edited 2826d ago )

You bring them up so word gets back to the GG so they can deliver a better final product.

ExPresident2826d ago


Report it to the GG site or via BETA methods that are available. Stop using weak articles with crappy titles to get hits on your site is my point.

raztad2826d ago

Actually this is a poor excuse for an article.

Betas are supposed to have bugs, lots of them, and this is not even a beta, the code is Alpha. No bugs would be a better reason for an article.

RBLAZE19882826d ago

I posted that I couldn't see any delay in the kills or any significant frame rate drops in the video they posted on gaming bolt only that I noticed the stair bug and where in the video the delays were and they deleted my post I think before it could even make it to the comments section. You're absolutely right man this is a poor excuse for an article lol.

And the VG journalists are getting mad because the industry veteran developers are calling them out on the way they report news...then they go and post crap like this. It makes me laugh and feel embarrassed for them and this industry.

visualb2826d ago

what sense does it make to mention that the KZ3 BETA is BUGGY? =|

its like pointing out

"Today we go scuba diving, a lot of fun and very wet"

-___- still, the article ain't bad, just points out too much obviousnessness

Def Warrant2826d ago ain't opening man. Youtube link please anyone?

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