Obsidian defends 'impressive' Fallout: New Vegas engine

It's not pretty but it delivers on RPG terms, says developer

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NYC_Gamer2972d ago

yes the engine delivers bugs/glitches

Game-ur2972d ago

Idtech 5 is made for open world I believe, there is no excuse for not using it for the next game since Bethesda own it.

CrzyFooL2972d ago

TES V is being developed on Id Tech 5. Oh god I think I just broke an embargo . . .

kaos_fish II2972d ago (Edited 2972d ago )

you really don't think that Bethesda would give a rival developer (even one that they are working with) IdTech 5 would you?

Beth wants that one for itself for TES V. If the engine is as good as it looks and can do half the things we've seen.. I can see Beth using this engine for many many years to come.

lastdual2972d ago (Edited 2972d ago )

But Beth is using an updated Gamebryo for their next game. This was revealed back at QuakeCon. If they had waited until after the iD deal, we'd probably be waiting another 4 years for TESV, so quit complaining.

Even with the same engine, I expect we'll see significant improvements.

SSKILLZ2972d ago

*Face Palm* they can defend sh!t all they want.

joydestroy2972d ago

lol obsidian sucks. they need to hire new programmers dude

kaveti66162972d ago

Obsidian don't have the talent to work on their own IPs. Look how Alpha Protocol turned out.

Christopher2972d ago

I don't blame the coders on that one but the producers who continually changed their minds and never followed through on many of the gaming concepts implemented.

Fallout New Vegas is definitely a low-point for Obsidian, but more so for Bethesda.

visualb2972d ago

as you said, it was a developer thing.

that said, the new vegas engine is showing age, still fun game =D (no bugs on my side so loving it)

morganfell2972d ago (Edited 2972d ago )

Amazing someone disagreed with you. What sort of mentality thinks Alpha Protocol was anything but a trash game. And I blame the designers on AP and specifically one producer as well. What sort of idiocy has a game mechanic where you negotiating skills make your weapons more accurate. Maybe they were emo bullets.

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The story is too old to be commented.