Square Enix cease-and-desists amateur dev for Carmageddon spin-off

Square Enix have issued a cease and desist order to an independent, amateur developer who released a free game based on Carmageddon.

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Godmars2902676d ago (Edited 2676d ago )

Stopping indy devs from making better games than they can, even when they're not doing anything with them...

AllroundGamer2675d ago

let the hate towards Square-enix grow... goood... goood... (emperor laughter)

TVippy2675d ago

Sonic Fan Remix shut down?

tacosRcool2675d ago

A way to weed out the competition

hay2675d ago (Edited 2675d ago )

We(fans) were anticipating Chrono Resurrection release. It was brilliant, perfect Chrono Trigger transition to 3D. Imagine our broken hearts when we heard about C&D.

Square-Enix's bad, mkay?

SuperStrokey11232675d ago

Jesus people stop supporting this company. This is the definition of a company that cares about nothing other than money. Their fans make 0 difference to them.

lightningsax2675d ago

At first, I was like "Come on, SqEnix, you know you're not releasing another Carmageddon. It's been dead for a while. Let these guys do their thing and don't be a pain in the butt about it."

But then, I was like "Oh, but if Twisted Metal sells, there will be copycat franchises coming out of the woodwork... Carmageddon could play the Medal of Honor to Twisted Metal's Modern Warfare."

And then, I was like "I'm very sad right now."

STK0262675d ago

If twisted metal sells very well, you can expect a new Carmageddon from SE, but also a new Vigilante 8 from Activision (despite all the hate Activision has been getting for a while, a new Vigilante 8 would be great news to me) and maybe even the revival of Road Rash by EA. I do hope someday arcade vehicle combat comes back, as I miss these days...

lzim2675d ago

not even then. They don't have a studio capable of creating a proper successor to one of the best online multiplayer AND single player non-linear racing experiences. Pity.

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The story is too old to be commented.