Baldur's Gate 2 Returns for More - Dragon Age Mod

GN writes, "Baldur's Gate II has been ogled from afar for the better part of this decade by players of the past. Despite countless mods that revitalize the original game, few modders have been so ambitious - and even fewer successful - as to port over content from BG2 into an existing, higher-tech engine. So when it was promised that the mod would be produced for Dragon Age: Origins, the entire BioWare community stood by with bated breath. Everyone knew the routine: a group of ambitious modders enters the scene with little grasp for how large the undertaking is, only to mysteriously vanish weeks later. That was not the case with Team BGR (Baldur's Gate Redux), who have now just put the finishing touches on the first 'module' of the BG2R mod. Exiting a ten month long development cycle, the Irenicus' Dungeon Module is fully available for free download.

When asked about their work, the team said..."

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EvilTactician2768d ago

This remake is an absolutely epic undertaking - I can see many, many fans enjoy this immensely.

Letros2768d ago

I can't find info, is it episodic or is this the full game remade?

mikemike372768d ago (Edited 2768d ago )

"the Irenicus' Dungeon Module" - it is the first dungeon in the game. About 2 hours of gameplay. The entire game is being remade episodically.

Letros2768d ago

Ahh, dunno how I missed that.

Lelldorianx2768d ago

Yep, one of our other articles explains how it is all broken down: