An open article to Ted, Cliff and everyone who fails to get us

BrutalGamer's Zeth Ward writes:

Yesterday Pat Garratt, a writer I personally respect greatly, used his highly popular video game site to make a small stand against a tide of hypocritical journalism bashing. This was an eloquent attempt to address some of the disparaging myths surrounding the current state of videogame journalism. I may not have agreed 100% with everything Pat had to say, but I believe a stand has to be made. Now we’re no VG247 or Destructoid so what can we possibly have to say? Well as you know we have the luxury of being able to be 100% honest in our content… so hang on to your undies this might get freaky.

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Sevir042853d ago

The popular habit of selective reading and choosing one lines out of interviews and misquoting and even twisting quotes from developers who are truely modest and humble is by far a sickening state of Video game journalism. Its the reason why a man of great honor in the industry like ted came out and said it because he's he has grown far too tired of this sensationalization of headlines to promote negative light and stir controversy among their fans and such.

Journalism has gone completely down hill, you only have to look at the drivel thats posted on website daily to see it. big name sight are known for this peopel like destructoid and kotaku and various others are all into this thing of selective reading and sensationalizing headlines to generate hits and garner controversy. i dont know if this gives you guys some sort of High but it needs to stop. its the reason why i question the journalistic integrity of video game journalism these days.

It's becoming a great nuscance and increasingly dificult for people who simply want quality news instead of fueled fanboy fictionary wars spearheaded by the media today when this shit should have really ended back in 2006. Get back to the way things use to be. report things in the light they were meant to be. dont misquote, twist, or misconstrue things from the developers and publishers who speak honestly and have done much for our hobby/life or industry we all work in and enjoy. its really just sickening. Thats why Ted issued the challenge. there are simply far too many more important things at hand thats worth taking about like game censorship na dbanning because our government deams it morbid!

I'm not saying all popular and big name magzing firm or website covering video games do it, there are few who stay honest and really work hard to keep things honest and true. but the issue is far too widespread, and websites like N4G only make this bullshit more of a catlyst to bring down the already falling state of game journalism. sigh! THERE is hope though.

end rant-

moosehound2853d ago

If I did not get it then I would not have made similar points in my article ;)

As I said there are many sites out there feeding this line of crap to the masses. Ted made some good points - we should be concentrating on reporting news properly for the whole industry. But look at Movie or Music journalism. It's "X is sleeping with Y" or "Q does 10 lines of coke and knobs a Llama". Why vilify the games press for this?

You have to pick and choose your sites carefully. If you want to get caught up in these trashy flash in the pan stories then read those sites. If you don't then choose your sites carefully and stick with them.

The larger sites need to look more at serious stories and the smaller sites need to write better articles to get noticed. A flash in the pan headline will not save your piss-poor blog from extinction.

Thanks for your honest comments tho :)

number472853d ago (Edited 2853d ago )

Jesus christ, you're so wrong. whats your educational background & wheres your resume.

ReservoirDog3162853d ago

So other people doing wrong justifies when you do wrong? That doesn't make sense and you know it.

Christopher2853d ago (Edited 2853d ago )

I'm saddened to see two 'journalists' try and support the concept of misinformation. Of course, this is what gaming journalism has come to today.

This is what gets developers to stop talking about their games unless they read from a pre-written sheet on just the facts and nothing personal about their games.

Solidus187-SCMilk2853d ago (Edited 2853d ago )

If they are good journalists then why does it bother them. There is no denying that gaming journalism is going down the shittier with crappy blogs and websites.

If you are not part of the problem then you shouldn't have to defend yourself.

I'M clicking the gray name under the "read full story" and giving them a negative feedback.

This isnt news, this is garbage. Most Gaming journalists are parasites to the industry. Im sick of self-important "journalists" like this D-bag. Just because you have a blog and write about games does not make you part of the industry, and you should stick to writing about games.

I dont care about your plight, because gaming journalism is a joke, and you just proved it.

Let me guess, the guy submitted his own article and is goin to troll everyone who thinks hes a joke.

all thes websites want are hits, so they are all acting like the TMZ of gaming news. Now most articles are a bunch of rumors and speculation, or misquotes to draw attention.


gamerz2853d ago (Edited 2853d ago )

Agree completely. The example he uses to support his point actually shows the complete opposite. Ted Price only claimed that his team makes the most efficient use of the SPUs in the PS3 - not that they make the best games in the industry or they're better than everyone else. It's quite a bastardization of words to come up with that headline from his original quote, and one that is not innocent nor a misinterpretation. It was done deliberately to increase traffic at the expense of journalistic integrity. Not having a large staff or budget is no excuse for twisting the facts to suit your point of view. It doesn't cost anything to have integrity and be honest - being a small site is no excuse.

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STK0262853d ago

So, from what I understand, the writer believes that video games developers should not speak up when some journalists take out of context what they actually said, crop some parts to change the whole meaning of what they said in order to create a shocking headlines that will generate more traffic on their website and eventually, more cash income due to advertising.

moosehound2853d ago

I never said they should NOT speak up my friend. I simply meant they need to take the fact they are opening themselves up for public opinion and speculation with their statements. They play the game and sometimes they loose when PR does not go their way.

Everyone has a right to defend their comments, I'm doing that right now, but you make a statement and then you stand behind it.

I agree whole heartedly it's done to push traffic to a site the same way a tabloid uses that method to sell papers. Why vilify videogame journalism? Why not all?

Baka-akaB2853d ago (Edited 2853d ago )

Who said it's not criticised and vilified in other forms of journalism ?

Many people complained and still do ... they are just ignored because it's already too much of a common and established practice .

Some people are just trying their best to stop an ongoing similar transformation in videogame journalism ... wich is doomed already with the success of some bloggers and faux-journalists

Solidus187-SCMilk2853d ago

that's pathetic.

Sorry bro, your only digging your self deeper. Gaming journalism is a joke, and you are proving it more and more.

Baka-akaB2853d ago

If you behave like scums from tabloids , even only with title , dont be surprised to be treated like tabloid scums by some people

lightningsax2853d ago (Edited 2853d ago )

The article's supposed to be about corporate views of journalism outlets that present quotes the wrong way, but this reads like a rant from a guy who took a quote the wrong way, in just about the same fashion. Cliff wasn't talking about Brutal Gamer at all - he didn't even mention a site. If this guy's rant is all about "This isn't what we do at Brutal Gamer," then okay, whatever, but it's not in retort to Cliff's comment, and it doesn't really elaborate on the headline.

There *are* sites out there who post headlines with hardly any substance within the articles, just trying to get ad revenue any way they can. They're often the ones that pair up with ad companies that don't offer much control, and they're often lax on security, resulting in offending everyone/linking to scam pages/giving you a bit of the ol' malware, all in the name of low operating costs and ad revenue. You'd be taking quite a narrow view not to acknowledge that these sites are out there.

If those sites are not Brutal Gamer, that's fine, but it's no reason to get bent out of shape about the fact that companies are aware of these click-mongering sites. These sites exist; if you post on N4G, you've seen them before. This article gets nothing accomplished; it's basically "Here's some quotes, and here's our mission statement." It's a verbose advert for Brutal Gamer. It's a misguided headline supported by little to no substance created for click-throughs.

I guess there's also the viewpoint that this writer has no problem with those sites. I can kinda see that. However, you're barking up a tree that has heard barks for centuries, at least since the advent of the broadside. We all know sensational headlines get attention; we all know it sucks, and we'll complain about it forever on both sides. So it goes.

ImpliedDeception2853d ago

I was going to comment, but I see that somebody already said what I was going to. ...but worded it better.

well said, and I'm glad you got here first. :)

maxcer2853d ago

lol is all i have to say.

Gaming Journalism? is there a demand for this? it just seem like a pissing/crying contest that nobody cares about.

i predict that gaming reviews/journalism will be gone in a few years when most games will have demos or trials for us to base out opinions on. just like movie reviewers its not hard to predict that the new 3D movie coming out this week is going suck.

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