Gran Turismo 5 Still On For November Release?

SystemLink: "Thanks to the Internet, you can get the latest news within seconds of it happening. It's one of the reasons print is slowly dying, and it saddens us deeply. Especially when you can't tell if a harmless advert is up to date, or way back in the past."

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mjolliffe2854d ago

Yeah, definitely - though the magazine would have been sent to be published a week or two before the delay announcement :/

Redrum0592853d ago

ive got other expenses to deal with during Dec, so i want my GT5 to be in my ps3 by Nov.

ShinMaster2853d ago

Didn't they say it was like 3 - 4 week delay only?
So November is still a possibility.

morkendo232853d ago (Edited 2853d ago )

it will release during BLACK FRIDAY to make up all the delays and PD will reap the benefits

nov. 26th

tacosRcool2853d ago

Even if it doesn't, at least be sometime before the end of the year

otherZinc2853d ago (Edited 2853d ago )

Just checked GameStop the release date for GT5:
1/1/11. WTF?

Now what game released on "New Years Day"?
Is there going to be a midnight launch?
Are they going to have Rose Bowl ads?

It may be a Wal-mart exclusive! As it may be the only store open?

We know dates like this usually mean releasing sometime in the future.

Another exclusive disappearing for SONY.

GamerSciz2853d ago

That is simply a placeholder for Gamestops purposes. They more then likely have GT5 launch date in their database and rather then take it out they put a date that is later then the expected date until they find out the official one.


GeOW3 on Sept 1, 2011. I don't think that's an official release date just yet.


Twisted Metal PS3? I don't think that has an official release date either. They are placeholders, slow your roll.

Hideo_Kojima2852d ago (Edited 2852d ago )

1/1/11 because they said the game will be out before the end of the year.

Thats GameStop changing the release date to a safe date.
That way it most likely won't be delayed on their website any more than that.

RedDead2853d ago

Really love the rain effect on the windscreen. Can't believe i'm getting a g25 for one game. Atleast it will teach me how to race :)

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Valay2854d ago

I personally don't think it'll be in November. We'll see, though!

KonigXero2853d ago (Edited 2853d ago )

I call January. Cmon GT5! Can't wait to buy my M3...

PhilipLarkin2853d ago

They've said it's before Christmas.

poindat2853d ago

It HAS to be before Christmas. If this game releases in 2011, that will be one of the biggest cock-ups of this gen, both critically and sales-wise. The Christmas market is simply too big for Sony to ignore, although yeah, a game of this magnitude will sell regardless. But it won't reach desired figures if that ends up happening. GT5 has already managed to miss Black Friday here in the U.S., and I'm sure that Sony won't want to double the blow by missing Christmas too.

I believe that the most logical estimate at this time would be early-December. Having left the announcement of the new release date this late, November looks to be out of the question, but December is certainly logical.

TagMeIn2853d ago

They also said 2 November. So what's your point?

dirtydbz2853d ago

the original release dat was nov 2nd right
now saying it won't release before black friday is speculation ( and who knows maybe they will break the normal tuesday release window ) that being said untill they give us a firm date it is all just a guess

cygnuszero22853d ago

Ive been saying spring 2011 for a year now, and stuck with that even when they announced the 11/2 date. That got cancelled and I have a strong feeling its not coming out this year, so im sticking with my prediction. Ill go with March or April I guess.

Fishy Fingers2853d ago

December would be my call, even with the odd bug here and there, they'd be foolish not to get it out before Christmas.

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