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Digital Foundry: "Vanquish is the best fun I've had in ages and well worth its 9/10 Eurogamer review score. The only question remaining concerns whether the unstinting praise applies to both PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 versions of Platinum Games' latest release."

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units2891d ago (Edited 2891d ago )

side by side look identical. PS3 has better v sync and 360 adds fewer more FPS and better controller response

zootang2891d ago

Why is the PS3 11.5gb and X360 only 6.5gb?

boing2891d ago (Edited 2891d ago )

may have something to do with cut scenes

Chug2891d ago (Edited 2891d ago )

May have something to do with dvd limitations.

Edit: Wow, both versions look almost identical though.

Anton Chigurh2891d ago (Edited 2891d ago )

Maybe less compression because of 256MB ram.

There is also a dummy data to decrease the loading times.

Theonik2891d ago (Edited 2891d ago )

I think the PS3 has JP, ENG, Italian and French voices. Well and better sound overall.
Edti: @Disagree, i can 100% confirm that the PS3 has those tracks. Do you have a better explanation for the size difference? Does the 360 have multiple tracks too?

darthv722890d ago

dont let variations in platforms limit themselves from developing a quality product.

That is what sets them apart from the mediocre ones.

This is not the days of SNES vs Genesis.

vsr2890d ago

developers are now realizing that they should treat consumers as per their machines. Otherwise what's the reason to have 3 different consoles?

PS3 is the choice , anyway xbox only owners should buy this for their console.

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Antan2890d ago

Better shadowing on PS3 also.

Antan2890d ago

"Just about the only issue we did notice on a consistent basis was a difference in shadowing, which seems to favour PS3. In these shots you can see shadowing that's either omitted completely or else suffering from "shadow acne" on the 360."

Highlife2890d ago

Alot of times it is because of the audio. PS3 has better audio uncompressed.

Persistantthug2890d ago

And before anyone disagrees and it is.

Definitely a noticeable difference....not gamebreaking, but noticeable.

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boing2891d ago

developers should take notes from platinum games and mercury steam

Shaman2891d ago

Not really Mercury Steam.Platinum games and Lucas Arts ;) I mean...CLOS is running at ~25fps on either platform without AA...thats just...bad.

Shaman2891d ago

Platinum games...GOOD!

CREESH2891d ago

PS3 cant match lead 360 games
Go figure?

ExPresident2891d ago

All of the killer PS3 Exclusives say hi.

Belasco2891d ago

PS3 exclusives arent all that special in my honest opinion, save for Uncharted 2, which I did complete.

asyouburn2891d ago

neither are 360 exclusives. why is it that 360 exclusives cant hit 720p?

TheBlackSmoke2891d ago

"PS3 exclusives arent all that special in my honest opinion, save for Uncharted 2, which I did complete."

Keep reading what you wrote until you understand how oxymoronic it is.

And to the original commenter. You must be confused, just becasue it is lead on PS3 this does not mean that the game utilizes the full power of it. They know before hand the game is to be on 360 so that is in mind when making the PS3 version. The reason they make PS3 the lead is for a better porting process, nothing more.

sayonara892891d ago

Castlevania is the best looking multiplatform game and 360 version have worse framerate.
Go figure?

boing2891d ago

another stooge who doesnt know thew difference between retail and review code

smithdown2891d ago

Errr nooo. The 360 was the lead platform for Bayonetta, ported over by some crappy third party company who clearly didn't know what they were doing. PS3 was the lead platform for Vanquish and more care was taken by Platinum to port it properly (and they are now familiar with both consoles) hence platform parity.

Man alive there are some rabid, mouth-breathing fanboys on N4G...

Optical_Matrix2891d ago

Final Fantasy XIII and Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm 2 say hi. Also when you compare Halo Reach graphics to Killzone 3, Gears 3 to Uncharted 2, heck just about any top exclusive 360 game compared to PS3's top exclusive games graphics, that makes your statement even more obsolete.

Information Minister2891d ago

Games have a tendency to look the same across platforms when developers don't do a rushed port job for one system.
Go figure?

asyouburn2890d ago

square did a fantastic job on ff13 360. to get something like a 32 gig game compressed down to 3 6.8 gig discs and all they had to sacrifice was resolution, and the final res is still higher than alan wake. seems like a great job to me

mastiffchild2890d ago

When ANY multiplat tries to beat out the best exclusives on either platform we might have some reason for all this but as they don't there isn't. As it stands there's never a great difference between the standard of multiplat from PS3 to 360 or back again and definitely not enough to make me change my preference(I like the DS3 better than the 360 pad myself)since TOB ages ago.

We don't learn ANYTHING about which console has the greater power from multiplatform games which push neither to their limits and have parity as their main aim. Can we stop with the point scoring on this front? Seriously, this time the tiny, non game changing differences are supposedly in favour of the PS3 but to me they're just another bunch of differences that make NO difference as you'd never notice them EVER if you weren't TRYING to find them with side by side screens, slowing them both down and using sodding programs to find FPS dips and screen tearing! WTF has that got to do with what I can see with the naked eye and one TV set and one version of the game running?

Seriously, what? These comparisons with their spurious winners and losers exist only to justify the sites that make them. the differences are too small for anyone to feel ripped of or even to think they should maybe move to the other console for a change-yet we want to use them to fuel fanboy arguments? Where's our sense gone?

Ju2890d ago (Edited 2890d ago )

Obviously PS3 devs don't let down 360 owners. Can't say that for the other way 'round.

Anyway, yet again that is one of the best looking titles - on the 360. And the reason is the PS3 was lead. And yet, this game goes to the PS3 hands down. It beats the 360 in its own domain: 60Hz with 2xMSAA in full res. Something what some of you say the 360 achieves due to EDRAM and faster GPU. Yet, the PS3 beats it right there - incl. triple buffering and no frame tear.

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MegaMohsi2891d ago

a PC version of this would be awesome, 1080p60fps this game would be sweet but I doubt they'll release a PC version as Bayonetta never got one :(

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