Starcraft 2: How to counter - Zerg rush counter PvZ

If you use our forums, you may know that we are watching your questions. This article is dedicated to answer a question appeared in the ask for help section, how to counter an early Zergling rush if you play Protoss. So here you go:

The basics:

If you are playing Protoss and you see that you are going against a Zerg opponent, you want to start walling off immediately. That's not the same wall that you can see Terran players do, you use your Gateway and Cybernetics Core (or another Gateway) plus a Zealot to block incoming Zerglings. This is what you always need to do, if you are facing the zerg swarm. The Zealot can finish 6 Zerglings alone, if he is fighting them one-by-one. If you create a spot, where only one unit can pass, and you make your Zealot stand there and smash the Zerglings, you are good to go.

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