The funniest bugs in Fallout: New Vegas, please don't patch!

Obsidian keeps patching Fallout: New Vegas to get rid of serious bugs. But there are still many bugs that make you smile. Check the story: There are ten bugs - shown in videos - that keep the Fallout-fun in Bethesda's latest RPG.

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ASSASSYN 36o2741d ago

So late with this. A 3 mb patch has released on 36o.

Christopher2741d ago

All these bugs are on the the PC, though.

plb2741d ago

PC patch was released before the 360 one

Christopher2741d ago

Yup, but it's unlikely it fixed any of these issues.

Blaster_Master2741d ago

I dont see what was wrong with the game? Me and my kids been playing it for days straight without a hitch.

plb2741d ago (Edited 2741d ago )

I've watched some walkthroughs on youtube and notice it also freezes up every once in a while plus long loading times. This guy DSPgaming on youtube is doing a playthrough that you can see for yourself.

Keith Olbermann2741d ago

I dont mean to judge you friend but this is an "M" rated game for good reason.

Raptura2741d ago Show
toaster2741d ago (Edited 2741d ago )

No.. he's right. This is an M rated game. And it is meant for adults. It's cool to let your kids play it if you feel that they are mature enough, but then don't get angry at those articles with studies that show violence in gaming is bad for kids and should be censored more.

The rating system is in place for a reason.

BannedForNineYears2741d ago

I don't know, I've heard really old people refer to their kids as.....Kids. :|
Even though the kids are already moved out. :|
Just a thought though.....

RedDead2741d ago (Edited 2741d ago )

This article is a dupe Also the bugs aren't funny, they just look stupid besides the revolving head one.