Fallout: New Vegas (360) Patch Released

Having just been prompted to download a patch for the 360 version of Fallout: New Vegas, it appears Obsidian has released the first of “numerous” patches already. No word yet on what the patch addresses, we’ll be sure to update this as soon as we find out.

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ShadowPraxis2803d ago

*sigh* I know the advent of the internet makes it easy for people to release fixes like this, but in a perfect world, wouldn't we just not have to deal with this in the first place?

Oh well, maybe by the time I get around to picking New Vegas up, it'll be playable.

cygnuszero22802d ago

Long gone are the days when dev's had to do their best to put out games without nearly as many bugs as this. Now with them being able to stream patches to us, its not problem for them to put out crappy games then just patch them up later.

socomnick2802d ago

The game is playable but it still has a crap load of bugs.

Forget fast traveling to nippon game just freezes.

SynGamer2803d ago

It's playable. I save often and have only run into one instance where I had to reload a save. Otherwise, the game is a blast. My only gripe is the load times can be a bit lengthy for some areas, but for the most part, that are reasonable.

I do hope Obsidian improves the AI, if possible. Tired of seeing them get stuck walking into objects.

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Shazz2802d ago

patch is out for ps3 users aswell just a heads up for people

Neko_Mega2802d ago

Should have had now bugs or less with knowing it will sell well.

Neko_Mega2802d ago

Disagree? Really? Just for spelling no with "w".


SynGamer2802d ago

I agree. Granted, for a game of this size, with as many options, outcomes, and possibilities that can occur, I can forgive bugs so long as they release patches quickly.

Garrus_Vakarian2802d ago

You got a disagree because your post is lame.


OT: I'll probably wait a couple of months to pick this up. I don't like the sound of game crashing bugs. And I'm not the smartest saver in the world. I'd hate to lose even 30 minutes of gameplay.

Neko_Mega2802d ago

An you are one to talk.

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