NCsoft Europe boss Geoff Heath on the Sony deal and more

Last month, Sony used its E3 conference to announce details of a new deal with MMO developer and publisher NCsoft. So far the company's titles, which include Guild Wars, Lineage II and City of Heroes, have only been published for PC - but now NCsoft games are set to appear on PSP and PlayStation 3. met up with NCsoft Europe boss Geoff Heath to find out more about the deal.

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jared817994102d ago

Maybe a free download of Dungeon Runners would be nice for the PS3 people. Decent game and free to play.

sfinXters4102d ago

I doubt that this will help much. Lineage fanatics don't really care about consoles.

LrdApoc4102d ago

It might be interesting though to see Guild Wars adapted to the console, it is basically a pretty card game after all.