Blitz predicts digital-only PS4/Xbox 720

As shops prepare to open stores at midnight to sell Call of Duty: Black Ops and gamers around the world are anxiously for the likes of Fallout: New Vegas and Vanquish to pop through their letterboxes, one developer close to the hardware manufacturers has predicted that the next round of consoles from Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo will ditch physical media entirely.

Indeed Blitz Games Studio chief executive officer Philip Oliver would be surprised if the PlayStation 4, Xbox 720 and Wii HD – if that's what they're called – played discs at all.

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Shadow Flare2860d ago

Regarding the ps4, Sony have already said it will use discs

"In a recent interview with Play3, Sony’s Senior VP of Product Development, Shuhei Yoshida said that the PlayStation 4 will use optical storage discs like Blu-Ray for blockbuster games"


frankymv2860d ago (Edited 2860d ago )

Yes you are correct, however, I think that there will be several SKU available for gamers to choose from (i.e., some with physical media drives, some without). There is a percentage of gamers (such as myself) out there that have interest only in owning digital content. Most important, digital distribution is MUCH more profitable for the developer, as well as the fact that it eliminates piracy.

N311V2860d ago

I Agee with the Sony rep. I'm on the fastest download speed I can get in Australia and for me to download something like GOWIII it would take at least a day, I'm talking 24 hours.